Magento? OpenCart? Which one is it then?


Getting down to developing an eCommerce site involves the critical decision of choosing the right eCommerce application. Magento and OpenCart are two such open source eCommerce systems. While both are extensively used by e-retailers of all types, from smaller establishments to multinational conglomerates, a Magento Development Company will often be faced with a situation that needs them to choose one over the other.

Just one step before comparing the two shopping cart development solutions, let’s see what they have in common. This will help a Magento Development Company choose the apt platform for shopping cart development.

1. Both are open source platforms that are backed by solid online support community
2. Both offer guest checkout that allows people to purchase products without having an account
3. Both offer catalogued and indexed list of products on display and can handle any number of product categories
4. Both are designed to absorb high overload in terms of number of hits on websites

When getting down to comparing the two, we see Magento winning hands down due to the following benefits that it offers (yeah, good news for a Magento Development Company!)

1. Customization options in Magento far outweigh those that are provided by OpenCart. This permits a far greater degree of personalization of website than possible with OpenCart
2. In terms of sheer number of extensions available, Magento leads the race with a wider array of addons that can be easily customized in the shopping cart development stage
3. Magento has very good built-in SEO features and scores way over OpenCart’s SEO tools
4. In Magento, you have the option of using a single administrative module to control and update numerous eCommerce stores. Thus it works very well for giant e-retailers that have huge  eCommerce stores running online
5. While both offer reporting facilities, the extensive reporting offered by Magento (sales, inventory and dashboards) again puts it ahead of OpenCart

To conclude, both Magento and Open Cart come with their own positive and not-so-positive points. As a Magento Development Company we suggest that a customer and developer must know what features and what level of user-friendliness should the site provide before making the choice.

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