Magento 2 – The Bigger, Faster and Better Mammoth


Magento 2

With its most widely used e-commerce platform, Magento holds 15.35% of the total market share. In November 2015, after the huge success and popularity of Magento v1, developers announced the introduction of new Magento 2.0 platform for enterprise and community. The new version is power packed with features like optimization of performance, mobile responsiveness, user friendly favouring business & developers and flexible tools to cater to your advanced marketing needs. The latest version of Magento shall completely replace Magento v1 with slow phase out by the end of 2018.

We bring to you the features and benefits explaining the reasons why you can’t afford not to migrate to the newer version.

  • Better Speed & Scalability Magento v2 runs faster upto 50% than Magento v1. Developers have focussed on the page loading speed and have incorporated the trusted HTTP accelerator technology Varnish Cache. So now the pages load within 1-2 seconds as compared to 5-10 seconds non-cached pages. With such a support to quick loading, it has been built to better handle multiple catalogue pages extending help to large stores to grow with their business.
  • User-friendly Check-out Another hassle of lengthy checkout process has been sorted out with Magento 2. The newer version has quicker and easier checkout that will ultimately curtail abandoned carts and get repeated customers. In other words, Magento 2 will facilitate all the stores built on the platform to have default checkout process.
  • Offers Customization Magento 2 comes up with a new and improved interface. This major improvement has made it more stylish, faster, easy to learn & use and offers customization. The layout grids and columns are allowed to be customized by admin without using third party extensions.
  • Integration with Third Party Modules The new improvements made on Magento 2 for easier integration of third party extensions has eased and improved the process of upgrades. Reduced chances of breakage of modifications during upgrades have led to reduced costs. The in-built integration of popular extensions like PayPal, Braintree, Cybersource and WorldPay has supported the “Out of the box” functionality of Magento 2.
  • Preferred Support for Mobile Devices Considering the current usage of over 1 billion mobile web users across the world and their dramatic growth, developers have worked hard to improve the templates which were very difficult to use on a mobile or tablet. With the newer and improved mobile first approach in Magento 2, it has provided better look to stores on mobile devices. Making it easier for customers to access stores, it has made it convenient for storeowners as well to manage effectively.
  • Facilitates Analytics With Google Analytics and Google Tag Managers in its built-in support, businesses and storeowners have been able to keep a check on their website performance. This in built reporting and analytics has helped recognize and fix issues arising due to visibility, traffic and most importantly user-engagement.


Boosted with all the above explained features and many more, Magento 2 has become bigger, better and a lot faster to help you grow with your business. It has evolved with better flexibility, encouraging interface to get repeated customers and its streamlined checkout feature adds up in the favour of this giant e-commerce platform. For an engaging shopping experience of your customers and better interface for admin, do migrate to Magento2.

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