Link Building Dead or Still Alive? SEO The Right Way In 2014!


Let’s admit it. Link building isn’t easy or fun anymore. Many webmasters started believing in “link building is dead” and start nodding heads in sideways to link building due to fear. Their fear is pretty much comprehensible as a large number of websites penalized for engaging in manipulative link schemes after Google’s Penguin update.

Some have said that stopping link building altogether is the best and safest option to protect your website from penguin penalties, but that untrue.

According to recent Moz search engine ranking factors survey“, link building is still the best technique to improve visibility in the SERPs in 2014. Google’s Matt Cutts also recommended link building as the best way to discover the relevancy, authenticity and importance of any businesses or person.

Relevancy Is The New Page Rank

The fundamental 1 link=1 vote algorithm met a dramatic change in May2012 with the introduction of knowledge graph, which was entirely based on the semantic search information. Later, the knowledge graph also changed with the latest Google algorithm, Hummingbird. Now, relevancy is the key to get PageRank when it comes to link building.

Hummingbird Update

Post Hummingbird, all the links coming from high PR sites, which are not related with what is being searched by the users, will be tagged as unnatural and devalued.

What Is Link Scheming

Buying or selling link to pass page rank, using any automated program to create link, or exchanging link just to increase count, etc. are link scheming activities, not link building. Additionally, linking your site to a web spammer or inserting links into article with little coherence will also be penalized.

Link Schemes Or Link Building

Before panda update, webmasters were insanely following the Google paradox, in which SERPs displays different results for the spammy link building over and over again, which will not work in 2014. A link scheme that achieved no #1 ranking in 2010, may draw a manual or algorithmic penalty today. To get quality links in 2014, it is very much critical for webmasters to differentiate link building and link scheming first.

Tips On Safe Link Building in 2014

  • Try to get editorial given links for external link building as they require human intervention and approval.

  • Build relevant links

  • Focus on Quality than quantity. A few links from highly trusted websites will be more lucrative then hundreds of low quality links.

Combining Link Building with Content Marketing

Creating high-quality content will not be enough in 2014; instead you need to learn to amplify the reach of your content. Ensure that your high-quality content is comprehensive, shareable, and formatted well within and on page with images and videos. Instead of one-time guest post, go for regular content distribution to increase your reader and brand building.

List down all existing linkable content in a spread sheet and identify those who had received notable links and shares. Schedule one week for linker outreach to promote your existing content for active and passive link acquisition.

Well, the process of link building is expected to be touch and time consuming in 2014. Just do it right, to avoid any penalty.

Hopefully, you will strategize your link building campaign accordingly in 2014.

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