Learn Python in 2016? We say why not?


Why Learn Python

As a developer you may have come across a myriad of options when it comes to learning new programming languages in the New Year. How about going for a programming language that first released in 1991 and is still wildly popular across the globe 25 years later? How about mastering a programming language that is the top choice for 1/3rd of the developers?

Yes, we are talking about Python, your very own multi-paradigm, high-level programing language.

Offering smooth compatibility with major programming protocols such as OOP, imperative and functional programming, Python remains the worldwide favorite for developers. Let’s look at some more compelling reasons why it makes total sense to start learning Python- from today itself –

  • Learning curve – To start off, the language was initially designed to be fun to use. This aspect is the number one reason why developers still vouch for the minimal learning curve of the language. Most of the complex stuff is handled efficiently by the language, hence you need not worry too much about the little details and instead focus on the bigger picture.


  • Good for beginner – Vast repository of standard library, access to resources for prototype building, and English like syntax, are great motivators for beginners to continue learning the language to its fruition. The easy to understand nature is what keep beginners going, especially those who are on a self-learning mode.


  • Versatility – Right from computer games and desktop apps, to high end analytical systems and artificial intelligence, you can build almost any type of solution using Python. This gives a lot of versatility to a Python programmer to showcase his/ her value to a multitude of domains across industry verticals.


  • Community support – A programming language is arguably only as good as the online community backing it receives across the globe. Look at any popular community site and you see a considerable presence of Python programmers trying to solve various interesting problems around the language. Be it StackOverflow (5th largest community here), Meetup (having 1369 groups) or GitHub (more than 950 projects around Python with 500+ stars), Python dominates most of the big time tech communities.


  • Career opportunities – Let’s face it – the real reason why we go for a new learning course is to enhance our career options. And this is where Pythion scores big time. Angel List shows Python as the #2 in-demand technology skill. It shows an average salary of $93k, making it a lucrative option for programmers looking to make the next big leap.

In addition, Python has some dedicated solutions around it that makes a developer’s life simpler. For instance the PyGames engine helps Python developers craft interactive games using the programming language. Also it offers amazing integration with a lot of Windows software programs in form of Py2exe.

Learning Python definitely has its advantage and gears your career towards success. So write in to us and let us know when will you be starting with learning Python this year.

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