Key Skills Which A Good Quality Analyst Must Possess!



World is changing rapidly and so do the world of software testing industry. People involved in quality assurance career has grown immensely over the years. The industry need to deliver quality products to its clients and customers is the reason of this growth. To achieve this goal they must need to have a good quality analyst, and to become a good quality analyst there are few key skills that you must possess.

So.. If you want to be in quality assurance profession you must need to know few important things to be successful. Being a quality analyst i have been through lots of things that really helped me in my journey.

Here are few of those:-

1) Communication

Communication is very important for a good quality analyst in an effort to convey our message to developers clearly. we should know about formal and informal kind of communication. With formal communication we can write test cases , bug sheets and other documents and with informal communication we can negotiate with a developer or any other team member about the product. Similarly we should also be able to communicate with other testers.

2) Time management

Time is one of the most important factors as we know high quality of the end product can’t be achieved without accurate planning of all the preliminary work and planning of testing process itself. For this you should have clear understanding what and how to do so that you can easily deliver the project before deadline. This will make you more accurate , efficient and becomes a key factor in winning the competitive struggle in the world of IT

3) Critical thinking

Critical thinking means we need to think different from regular people. We should specifically be looking for problems, mistakes and should think like an end user. We should able to suggest developers  and business analysts how to make software more attractive and bug free.

4) Learning Curve

As we know Information technology changes day day by , and none of us knows what our future holds. so it is very  hard to keep up with new programming languages, patterns, tools, frameworks, design techniques, and practices. If you can’t keep skills up to date, you won’t get the best job opportunities—in fact, you might not get any. Yet, we observe many people who call themselves quality assurance professionals but don’t make much effort to learn new things. We always need to learn new technologies & tools continuously to grow. So keep learning.

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