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iOS 10

“Consumer is the King”, hence everyone around is set to make the King happy. Todays’ consumer wants the best of smart phones and the best of apps that help him right from waking up, to his appointments and availability, to his mails and messages, to his navigation, to his entertainment and more. Apple unveiled its “biggest release ever” by the name iOS 10 on June 13 in WWDC 16. iOS 10 is a power package which is Big, Bold and Beautiful and gives an experience of the future. Powers and functions of Siri have been drastically upgraded and it has become more like a mate.


  • Lock screen redesigned with 3D Touch.
  • Siri is now a mate
  • Messages Overhauled
  • Photos made more cherishable
  • Maps Street Smarter
  • Calls made convenient
  • Apple Music made cleaner
  • Apple News better accessed
  • Home Apps control Home

Lock screen redesigned with 3D Touch

Apple has released smarter version of Lock screen with new widgets side panel, Control Center, 3D touch enabled notifications which appear broken up in bubbles. “Raise to Wake” feature has been introduced that lets you see all the notifications and information without the need to unlock home screen. iOS 10 instructs the users to “Press Home to Unlock” replacing the “Slide to unlock” display. On right swipe on home screen will give you a new Widgets Panel which was earlier shown in Today section of Notification Center. Left swipe takes you to the Camera for a quick click. 3D Touch enabled notifications are amazing for Messages. You can respond to imessages immediately without leaving the Lock screen. If you have doorbell camera notification, you can immediately check your visitor at front door and use intercom or even unlock the door from your phone.

Siri is now a mate

With iOS 10, Apple announced that it will open Siri to the third party developers with the introduction of Siri Kit SDK, for the first time ever. Siri being a mate, will now do ride booking, send messages, search photos apps for images and videos, place calls through apps and even help you in your workouts. Siri kit’s functionality has been kept limited to control the Siri experience and help it understand the language and context in a better way. Siri for iOS 10 is going to have lesser miscues, all thanks to “intense API” which will work in multiple languages. Siri will help you find photos or images from apps like Shutterfly or Pinterest at a command. It will also send money to your friends and family with Square, Number26 and Alipay and it will also make VoIP calls for you. Apple CarPlay has also made driving a bit safer, credit to the messaging and VoIP integration. “Quicktype Keyboard” is a new feature of Siri with which it will analyse your conversation with your friends and pre-fill the Calendar with the event and get it halfway done. With Quicktype feature, you can paste an address that you have recently searched for but didn’t copy to your clipboard. It also helps adjust such searches in multilingual typing.

Messages Overhauled

Amongst the most used apps on iphone is imessages and hence it has grabbed a major part of concern in iOS 10. Apple has tried to make imessages a little more fun as it has introduced animated backgrounds (balloons, confetti and fireworks) and “Bubble Effects” to emphasise on the emotions you feel while sending text. You can make the effect to appear as “Loud” or bursting with a bunch of text or saying something “Gentle”. Another emotion of “Surprise” has been introduced in the form of “Invisible Ink” as text will remain hidden until you scroll your finger over it. “Tapback” is another exciting feature added to imessages which will allow you to reply to the messages in animated form of a heart or a thumbs up and much more by tapping on the bubble. Using Digital Ink will let you send messages in your own handwriting. Digital Touch, which was earlier available in Apple Watch, has now been introduced to imessages which will let you draw and sketch and incorporate it onto photos & videos. Another exciting feature added to imessages is new emoji prediction to the keyboard. When you are typing the text, you will get emoji suggestions along.

Apple has announced the introduction of a dedicated App store for messages which will not only allow you to send stickers and GIFs and emojis but also allow to make payments to your friends and family.

Photos made more Cherishable

iOS 10 will help you organising photos with “Advanced Computer Vision” as per Apple. It stresses on the fact that photos app’s ability to create albums is a result of 11 billion computations that will help it recognise Face along object and scene recognition. “Siri Intelligence” will help scan photo library of a user and will detect people, animals, objects and locations. In other words it will be able to trace the location of a photo overlaid on a map. “Memories” is another interesting feature which will cluster up photos into trips, people and topics on recognising the image, date and location so that you can relive your cherished moments once again. It will also allow you to create a movie of the photos and even customise it as per moods.

Maps Street Smarter

Apple has fixed the trouble with its Apple Maps of being unable to scroll ahead of a route. With the advanced navigation software, maps will allow zooming in and out but will also provide traffic information. iOS 10 has Maps extension for developers so the integrated apps will let you make dinner reservations or ride booking without leaving Maps app. If you go by a particular route everyday, Siri will guide give you traffic congestion status. Siri will now give suggestions to the users on trip, to find gas, food and coffee on the route. Apple Maps will mark the place where you have parked your car and it will also guide you to take routes that avoid toll roads.

Calls made Convenient

For the users who hate listening to voicemail messages, iOS 10 is coming up with a feature that will display the voicemail messages in convenient text. It will also warn the user if the incoming call is a SPAM. Whatsapp & other VoIP calls will be allowed to be answered from the lockscreen itself just like any other incoming call. VoIP call list will be a part of recent and could be added in favorites list.

Apple Music made Simpler

Apple Music has been redesigned. It is now available with a simpler and cleaner design that allows cover art to stand out. It will also display the music suggestions that you may like to listen to. It also displays the lyrics of the song to add more depth to Apple Music. “Search” tab has been introduced which replaces “Connect” tab to make searching for songs quicker.

Apple News made better accessed

Apple News has also undergone changes. It will now avail “For You” tab which will have smaller and personalised sections. Now the must read breaking news notifications shall be displayed directly on the lock screen. Along with all this, News will be introducing Subscriptions to allow you access The Wall Street Journal or other periodicals which are otherwise paid.

Home Apps control Home

Home Apps has been made smarter with the introduction of HomeKit. “Siri Intelligence” will help you control all the gadgets at your home and help you to change the moods of the rooms just at a click. Swiping your finger twice to the right in Control Center will display the menu of home accessory toggles. Hard pressing on a notification bubble of a doorbell will allow you to view live camera at your front door, use intercom and even unlock the door.

Not only all this but Apple has come up with many more smaller upgrades and updates in various apps like Split view Safari on iPad, Collaboration in Notes, iCloud Drive, Voicemail Transcription, Bedtime Alarm and many more tidbits.

Date of Release

iOS 10 is made available to the developers on 13th of June and will be out for public beta testers in July. It will be available on iPhone 5 and all the later versions, iPad 4 and later versions and iPod touch 6th Generation.

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