[Infographic] Life Cycle of a Mobile App


We use multiple apps a day that either makes our work easier or helps us in some important aspect (it might be health, travel, entertainment or communication). But have you ever thought of exploring the life cycle of an app? Let’s see what all phases are there in the development cycle of an application.

Evolved to accomplish a specific objective, Conceptualization phase being the first one, includes identifying the purpose and adding your own proposition to the app.

Second is the Discovery phase where the critical things are analysed in context of feasibility and favourability.

The Design Phase takes the responsibility of penning the imagination down on to a paper with beautiful frames that demarcate and define the related tasks.

From thoughts to paper, Next comes the Development Phase that gives digital life to an app. Initiating the iterative process of coding, testing, fixing the bugs, re-testing and finally ready to be deployed. This is a call for you to create a buzz all around. A good marketing campaign prepares a beautiful platform to unleash your app with a blast.

Finally, after being a hit with the users, your app needs necessary maintenance and addition of new features to keep the user retention rate increasing.

Here we bring this Life cycle of your favorite app in form of an infographic for you:-

The App Development Cycle

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