IndiaSoft 2013


Techies India Inc. is one of the privileged participants in IndiaSoft 2013, the premier IT and technology exhibition for India-based IT service providers and international buyers. The 2013 edition that will be held at Kolkata on 21st and 22nd March is the biggest convergence of leaders and emerging players in the IT services and technology domain. With 120 participating IT companies from across the globe, this is an apt forum for leaders such as Techies India Inc. to highlight their innovative IT solutions delivery and core competencies of their skilled professionals.

Indiasoft 2013

The event promises to be the best sourcing avenue for international IT service buyers to discuss and collaborate with companies from India. With proven track record of high performance IT initiatives and great tech support, Techies rightly justifies its positioning in the event as a major corporate web development partner to look out for.

Techies India Inc. is amongst the 100 India-based companies that will be taking part in the high visibility event which will attract the best of global IT buyers. Techies India Inc. believes that the company’s creative solutions, its rich experience and its cost effectiveness will be a major draw for international buyers at the exhibition.

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