In The age of Spontaneity Live Streaming is the new Marketing Revolution!


Live Streaming

The future of visual marketing is very bright in coming years as it is estimated that approximately three quarter of all the web traffic will be video. Business marketers utilize these researches and bring the Live Streaming platforms like Ustream and Bamuser as solutions since 2007, but Meerkat and Periscope are the advanced versions which help people and brands to share moments in fun and entertaining way. Since both the apps are linked to user’s Twitter accounts, users can engage their followers in real time by tweeting links to the live stream.

How can Live Streaming help your Brand?

Innovation at its best Streams  

Meerkat Vs Periscope

A recent survey on Twitter found that 70% of users prefer watching videos in the news feed over links. Periscope and Meerkat, leading in the streaming revolution, gives companies and individuals similar facilities to live stream from anywhere to anyone.

Features of Meerkat

  • It is first to launch
  • free to use
  • Assists the users in using the platform
  • Third party apps are needed to access tools


  • launched shortly after Meerkat and picked up by Twitter.
  • Free to use
  • It has easy to use interface and a large user community which proves to be a advantage over the other.
  • it lets you select the Target audience
  • it has additional feature of video “save”. anyone following you in the app can view the video within 24 hrs of its broadcast.

Both the platforms have become popular exponentially, with their list of followers including the thought leaders and celebrities in different field

How can Live Streaming help in adding value to the Your Company?

  • Set examples by thought leadership. marketing always aims to widen the customer base. you can establish yourself by discussing issues which are a cause of concern for whole industry. host interviews with the other industry leaders to demonstrate collaborative spirt.
  • Promotional Mode: demonstrating your product or service through live videos gives the viewers a chance not only to understand what you want to explain but also interact if they have any query.
  • Way of Communication: it can be used either as a way of customer support session or as a way to explain the product or service. People feel more satisfied and effectively dealt with, when they know the face of the your company which needs to be established in the videos
  • Conveying the news: followers always appreciate transparency in the way when all the big news are conveyed to hem irrespective of the nature of news whether it is good, bad or worst.
  • Record or Stream: Marketers should not feel hesitant in recording and sharing videos due to imperfection because viewers do not look for perfection but for genuine interactions.

Words of Advice

  • Plan the Broadcast: the idea of the video should be planned well in time and it should look authentic too to the viewers.
  • Carter to Audience. giving a chance to the audience to give the feedback in real time ad addressing their queries gives them a feel of conversing with your brand.
  • Schedule and repeat. followers should be regularly interacted with and be given opportunity to follow the upcoming scheduled events on regular basis.
  • Interactions: marketing is fruitful when it engages the audience. it not only gives a face to the Brand but also gives the followers a confidence in your brandfor authenticity.

Closing Notes

Social media is about joining a community, interacting and feeling important. Live Video Streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope give the marketers a way to ensure that you value your followers and are putting enough efforts and time to make them feel as a part of company’s community.

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