Importance of Google Page Rank after Penguin and Panda:


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These days on internet you can find numerous debates running on the importance of Page rank now and before panda-penguin updates. Somehow I have managed sometime to add my little experience into this debate.

Before proceeding about our main topic I would like to add some words about Page Rank:

What is Page Rank?

  • Page rank in general is importance of a particular page in Google’s eyes.
  • Google calculates it with an algorithm created by Larry page and Sergey brin.
  • Page rank is one of those 200 factors that Google uses to rank a website in Search engines.

How Google Calculates Page Rank:

  • It depends on the Number of quality inbound links.
  • It also depends upon the number of outgoing links on that page

Page Rank tends to flow from one page to another web-page which is linked to it, just like blood flows from one vein to another inter connected vein. But links having no-follow attributes do not pass on page rank to other web pages.

So Site Having Higher Number of Inbound links Should Have High PR?

No, like I said PR is ratio of quality inbound links to outbound links on that page so outbound links should be under control as to achieve high page rank.

Does That Mean Site Having Good PR will Rank Higher in SERP’s?

No as I said it is one of those 200 factors that Google count to rank a website on particular keyword.

When Google Updates Page Rank?

Earlier page rank of a website/webpage tends to update after 3 months but in these 2 years I have seen Google is giving page rank to the websites or updating it before 3 months sometimes it’s like within a month or so.

Who Need to Care About PR?

If  you are into advertising and selling space of your website for do-follow paid link/ads(which indeed is not a good strategy at all) then you must take good care of  your website’s PR because other webmaster take PR into consideration before applying for ads on your website.

Who Shouldn’t Bother About Gaining PR Through His Extra Efforts?

If your content is impeccable, visitors having genuine interest in your website and sharing your website content automatically then you need not to worry about your website PR as other people are doing this for you. They are sharing it onto different places the only thing that you need to take care of your website is its content only.


PR still has its importance but don’t get lost into it, you must take care of your website’s content and user engagement, PR and SEO is second part. If you are doing SEO only and your website visitor is not spending good time on your website then this PR will be of no use. I have seen websites having good page rank still hit by Google Penguin just because they were not taking into account the value to the users through their websites. General users don’t know what is PR and he will never check the green line appearing in the toolbars.

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