Importance and Benefits of H1 Tags in SEO


Benefits of H1 Tags

We all are very much familiar with the fact that in today’s online marketing world “Content is the King”. It’s not only a saying but a reality that content marketing delivers amazing results and success to your business across the globe. But just like a king needs special treatment, so does content requires special tactics and strategies.

As, we have been mentioning in our various earlier blogs that if your expect your content to fetch your qualified leads and fill up your sales funnel then you must have an original, quality and value adding content for your readers.

But today in our blog, we shall be talking about a secret spell that will make your piece of quality content really work for you. The secret is really short and tiny but its effects are stunning.

Ok let’s unveil this suspense. H1 is the magical wand which indeed is known to only a few of the content marketers and developers.

In this blog we shall be sharing a bit about what h1s are and some guidelines with which you can get better, easier and quicker results that are expected out of content.

What is H1 Tag?

For those who know a very little or nothing about h1 tag, it is also called the header tag in html which usually includes the title or the heading of your web page. An h1 tag is the most emphasized text that tells what your page is all about. It is an effective way of communicating, not only to the readers but also to the search engine, regarding what all can be found on your page. The header tags range from h1 till h6 with decreasing importance and size of the text enclosed within. Hence h1 being the biggest and most important html tag, optimises your web page and result in an effective SEO tactic.

H1s have always been amongst the important factors that are considered by Google in its ranking algorithm. As this directly helps the search engine to find what a reader can find in it.

6 Things to Consider While Creating H1 Tags

  1. Use only one H1 tag on a page

Using only one h1 gives you more benefit than using multiple h1s. Reason? Search engine shall crawl your web page on the basis of h1 but when it finds multiple h1s on one single page then there is a possibility that the SEO gets lesser effective. In other words this means that the benefit of using h1 for your page with appropriate keywords in the tag is being diluted by usage of multiples on a page. So it is always advisable to use one h1 for a page having unique content related to that heading only.

  1. Use Descriptive H1s
    Using descriptive and more importantly unique and appropriate tags help not only the search engines but also your readers to know what description they are going to read about.
  2. Create H1 with Medium Character Length
    This is as important a point to consider as the rest while creating your h1 tag. Don’t make your tag too short which makes the rest of the space go useless and don’t even make it too long that the overall effectiveness is diluted. So, being in the mid-way, like somewhere between 20-70 characters should be good enough to go.
  3. It Should be Properly Highlighted
    The effectiveness of h1 tag can be enhanced by making it big, bold and noticeable.
  4. Use a Focussed Long-tail Keyword
    It has been long ago that keyword stuffing used to help you in ranking well. But same is not true today as search engines exclude those pages from good rankings which have used irrelevant and excessive keywords. But this doesn’t mean that using an appropriate and focussed keyword will do the same to your page. Rather it will be an advantage for your page to rank well if you use long-tail relevant keywords.
  5. H1 for Better User Experience
    Today’s SEO is not about Search Engine Optimization but more of user experience and their time optimisation. Search engines have been a very apt example of machine learning which they utilise in fetching results for their users. They consider, analyse, and learn the browsing habits of millions of users. The way users interact with your page is a priority point which helps them to decide your page ranking. And h1 is an important part of html coding which helps the user knowing better about your page.

So don’t waste your time and let this precious little wonder h1 tag fetch amazing results for you.

We hope that this blog shall definitely help you get increased traffic to your website or web page.

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