Impact of Parallax Web Design


The Internet is an evolving space. New website design procedures are introduced regularly and most of the new procedures are designed keeping in mind shifting user preferences and newer technologies. One such newer website design procedure is Parallax designing or Parallax scrolling.

What is Parallax Design?

In parallax designing, a unique level of visual interactivity is added to a webpage. Here, the position of objects or components in a webpage is based on the position of the viewer’s line of sight. Parallax designing creates a perspective shift effect for the viewer. The resulting 3D illusion created in this type is made possible by different tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

How it Engages Audience?
Everyone who browses the internet loves to visit websites with creative visualizations and aesthetically pleasing component arrangement. With Parallax Designing, any webpage can be made engaging, thus increasing the time a user stays on the webpage and the number of return visitors. Parallax designing is most suited for single page websites and websites with entertainment content.

Parallax Web Design – The Pros

• Device Friendly

No extra plugin is required for running the websites with parallax design as the effects are driven by simple jQuery scripts.

• Single Page Design can be made more efficient

With Parallax designing, content on single page websites can be made more rich and appealing.

• High degree of creativity

Parallax is one of the best techniques to keep visitors hooked on to your website, due to the sense of aesthetics and appealing look it lends to the site.

Parallax Web Design – The Cons

• Poor SEO implementation

No doubt, this approach helps come up with stunning websites. But what’s the use if people don’t know of them? Since Parallax is essentially a one page site, no meta tags or descriptions can be put in for SEO.

• Slow loading time

The widgets on websites and the high res images in parallax designing will take a long time in loading. It is thus unsuitable for visitors who are on a low speed data plan. This delay might not work out in favor of the client company when trying to attract an impatient Internet audience.

While there quite a few benefits to parallax designing, it is still at an early stage and we might see many more occurrences of development on this type of web designing in the near future.

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