What Https Means and Why is it Important?


What Https Means and Why is it Important?


What does HTTPS imply? Is it really important for the security of your customers? How does it benefit your website?

Take a deep breath and we shall be answering all the things that you need to know about HTTPS. Giving a very brief introduction, HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. In other words it is a standard protocol which your web browser uses to establish secure communication over the computer network or the sites that you visit.

I guess it was still too technical to understand. Alright, explaining in very simple words, HTTPS is a secure mode which encrypts the information shared between your browser and the site that you visit. This information might include anything from your personal credentials to your financial credentials or any other sensitive information.

Why is it important?

With increase in hacking practices where the man-in-the-middle steals your credit card details or your logins and passwords, HTTPS has become essential. In this protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides a bidirectional encryption of the communication between a client and the server. This gives a assured ground to the user that whatever information he is sharing with the server will not be interfered by any hacker or attacker.

Benefits of HTTPS

  1. Improved Google Rankings The very first benefit that comes along with getting your site SSL certification is its improved Google rankings. Google has a declared that those sites which offer secured information shall be prioritised and boosted as against the one with unsecured protocol. This is because Google has “customer first approach” and it always initiates ways which help its user’s
    access relevant information from safer sources.
  2. SEO Benefits With HTTPS your site appears on higher ranks, and it is high probability that users visit your site. When they find relevant information on your site, they might like to explore it more and eventually your site is more frequently visited and shared across the social media
  3. Higher Customer Trust Users are quite well aware and conscious of not sharing their important information over unsecured channels over internet. So, if your site is not secured then you are clearly losing out on your proposed leads because of lack user’s trust. But on the other hand, when you offer a safe and secure exchange of sensitive information over your site, your users may feel free to leave their personal credentials for contact.
  4. Secured Site Secured site is not only essential for your customers to allow them share information but having a secured site is also necessary for your site. This is because HTTPS not only prevents hackers to steal the financial or personal credentials of the users but it also hinders their intent of modifying or tampering the information sent from your server to the user’s browser.
  5. Higher conversions With higher Google rankings, SEO benefits and raised customer trust, it is for sure that you will have higher conversions. Just an SSL certification gives you a number benefits and even fulfils the motive of your business (higher leads and their conversion).


Being secured while working over internet is everyone’s right. Just like we don’t share our address and mobile numbers with strangers, being digital marketers, how can we expect that our users can share their most sensitive information with us? Not for the sake of others but for grabbing all the above listed benefits, make it priority and get your site SSL certified.

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