HTML – An Essential Part of Development



It is a standard markup language which is used to create web pages. It is used by most of the websites to create visually engaging webpages, for developing user interfaces for many mobile applications. HTML is known as a markup language as it describes the structure of a website semantically along with cues for presentation. HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites as it allows images and objects to be embedded and create an interactive form. It is used to format the text, layout, images and links which we see on a webpage.

HTML is good not just in pursuing a career but also in many ways to anyone who is not professionally trained in computer languages and coding. Some of the reasons for why should all of us have some knowledge about HTML are:

1) Helps in Official Communication
As a decade ago computers had started becoming a part and parcel of life, internet has already become a part of our daily life. Be it a student or a professional everyone uses a web browser for everything like mails, team maintenance or project management on intranet sites.
Most frameworks used for businesses have simplifies markup language used by default. These frameworks accept properly formed HTML formatting, which affords many publishing options

2) Makes You Self Efficient
As a part of updating the company’s website one needs to make regular changes in the website. Acquiring the basic knowledge about HTML and web standards is very beneficial as making minor changes in your website will make you not dependant on web designers, paying every time but will make you self efficient and help You make relevant changes very easily.

3)Makes You a better Blogger
In todays world where everyone expresses ones views on anything and everything and shares ones knowledge by writing blogs, attaining knowledge about HTML can help you gain much following. As learning just a smidge of HTML coding with a bit of CSS or JavaScript can make your fingertips far more powerful than your regular blogging software could.

A single line of HTML code helps insert movies or media in the posts, not to mention tackling custom layouts, animated elements, and more. It adds a spark to blog’s widgets and plug-ins when you can easily customise them with a good understanding of HTML with CSS or Javascript.

4) Helps in Routine Jobs
HTML being a very simple language to learn, makes huge difference to the normal webpages. From ebay auctions where with visually rich HTML-formatted descriptions usually sell better and faster than less compelling counterparts, to making beautiful invites, to designing email messages, to updating news on community website and many other tasks can be done easily and effectively with a little HTML familiarity.

Concluding by simple words that learning HTML is like having a wonder wand in ones own hand and adding magical sparks to simple webpages. It helps you save money by not paying off to web designers, helps customise your blog posts, making an routine works can add up to your efficiency.

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