How Typography Impacts Your Web Design


Typography is one of the most important elements in web design. Simply, it is the use of appropriate style, format and placement of font and text elements to make the content more engaging. Typography can be called as the technique and art of arranging type in a manner that makes language understandable and visible. This involves the proper selection of typefaces, line length, line spacing, point size and other factors like adjusting spaces between different letter groups and many other such needs.

It is an important element of the designing process and makes any written matter look very enticing and attractive. Typography is considered to be the foundation of web design. Most web design companies accept and acknowledge the vital role typography has to play in the overall web design and development process.

While many people still believe that Typography is only about font selection, this simply isn’t true; you need to make the type and copy look beautiful and attractive no matter what font face you select. Of course with the advent of number of services like Google Web fonts, Webtype, Typekit and Fontdeck, this task has become all the more easier, but the challenge arises when you have to make use of raw creativity and beauty for technology, without using technology!

Many designers agree with Oliver Reichenstein’s book Web Design is 95% Typography which says that there is more to a website then just pictures and design. Website content and its appearance are as critical to the site’s success as multimedia. If a web designer can recreate beauty, elegance and attractiveness to a website with white space and typography, rest assured the site will definitely attract visibility on Internet.

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