How to Set-up Your Magento Product Catalog with Product Types?


Magento has been the most popular and the sturdiest platform ever available for your e-Commerce store. When you are quite convinced for choosing Magento as the ground for building your e-store, you may come across a number of questions regarding setting your product catalog.

For your convenience, we have compiled a brief description of all types of products that can be set up on your e-store. Just the way you aim to expand your e-commerce business we shall explain a few products which might help you in long term and during your scaling period.

Types of Products are:

  • Simple Product
    As the name suggests, a simple product is an item which has physical entity and a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Such a product can be made available in a range of prices with respective variation in the item itself. Simple product type can be used for set-up individually as well as in association with Grouped, bundled and configurable products.

  • Grouped Product
    As it is evident from the name itself, a grouped product is a combination or group of simple products. You can club any number of simple and virtual items to present a perfect look for your customers. Your customers may or may not shop for all the products shown in the group or can opt to purchase only the ones which he/she chooses to buy.

  • Configurable Product
    When you have a variety of colours and sizes and their respective prices for a simple product, it is called a configurable product. In this category of products, each size and colour variant of the product is assigned an individual SKU and hence makes it convenient to track the inventory. It is great to have configurable products on your catalogue as they are a great help when you aim to grow the scale of your business.

  • Bundle Product
    A bundled product is just like you pick and choose your favourites and put them in one basket for purchase. It is a kind of assortment of options which is chosen by your customer as per his/her customisation needs. Every product in the bundle product is a single product with individual SKU.

  • Virtual Product

    Easily explicable from the name itself, it is a product without physical presence. It can be in the form of warranties, services, memberships or subscriptions. These can be sold either individually or in association with grouped or bundle products.

Now we shall guide you on what product categories you should choose while setting up your Product catalogue in Magento.

Products With a Variety in Color and Size

The most enveloping prospect is when you have a number of varieties in colour and size and any other parameter of a simple product, the most suitable shall be Configurable Products. This has two related terms like Parent product and child product. Parent product being the one which is shown and child products being the various colours and sizes available in the same.

In relation with maintaining your inventory for every single colour and size of the parent product, investing in Configurable products category pays off well. As for every single child product, a simple product is created with specific SKU which not only allows you track your inventory but also helps you make out your best sellers (in terms of combination of size and colour most sold). Using “Quick Create” functionality can be a great help and extend ease in creating Simple products for listing in Configurable Products.

Customized Products

Customized or personalised or Made-to-order are one and the same thing. These can be made clearer by saying that these products can be those which offer personal engraving, customised fabric, customized stitch, and customized stationery. The most appropriate way to configure such products is to implement Custom options for a Simple product. These custom options might include drop-down menus, text fields or anything that deem fit to your product.

One thing to be considered while creating such a product is that you will have to assign an SKU suffix to a particular option made available. This is because, otherwise the simple product which is being used has a single SKU in your system and the inventory is tracked on the basis of the same. But when the personalised options are applied, it will make it hectic for you to keep the record. So just before you go in for such a product type, do analyse both the sides of the approach.

Multiple Products or Product Sets

This can be explained in simpler words to be the products that best complement each other or which complete your look in perfection. Examples for the same can be outfits with complementing accessories, multi-piece products, bedding sets, sofa sets or any kind of furniture sets. When you show all the complementing products on one page, it depicts the Grouped Product category. So in the same manner, every single product shown to have clubbed for the look has a Simple Product in the Admin Panel which not only helps in tracking individual product’s inventory but also gives you data about your best sellers or the most popular products or related items for your customers.


Magento has been known to be a Mammoth and hence creating and uploading things on Magento Store too needs to be carefully selected and updated. With details on the particular products and their relevant Product types in the catalogue have been explained to you. This is because product type cannot be changed every now and then. Hence rather than putting double your efforts, it is better to choose the product category wisely. It is also recommended that rather than deleting the product type created initially, it should be disabled and a unique SKU should be assigned to the newer product.

For any other queries and information related to Magento, please feel free to contact us. We have tamed this mammoth and we are Loving it ever since…

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