A Better Approach Towards Improving Your Coding Skills


Learning coding skills is a matter of devoting time and focussing on the subject. In today’s fast running life, it is difficult to manage time to learn coding as we have to meet many obligations, maintain a social life, spend time with family and have some personal hobbies too. After all this is done, then we get some time for computers, the problem of concentration to a specific topic arises.

Coding skills

You need to learn new things to stay updated with technology. Learning a new language or a new framework can be done in a few months, but from where will you find the discipline you need to inculcate in yourself to improve your skills that prove to be really profitable?

Having good learning habits and learning strategies is the answer to it. Discipline is hard to maintain but a good learning habit will help you build skills for long term.

Here we are proposing 4 habits that you can adapt in order to help you become better in what you target at.

Focus on one thing at a time:

First of all you need to focus on one main topic or the learning project you wish to learn. If you split up your interests amongst many a topics, you won’t end up with enough progress towards success. So, it’s always better to chose a project or topic which interests you rather than the one which is in trend.

Set your target:

Plan your course and set a clear target to learning. When you feel that you have completed your course before time, then you can either spend that time reading about it more through related tutorials or reading some books on it or listening to a related podcast.

Keep progressing regularly:

Being regular at it or keep doing a bit of it everyday is the key. you can continue doing other things but your main project should be touched up daily and regularly before doing anything else. Its easier to immerse yourself in a new concept if you keep working at it even if it’s only a little bit each time.

Learn it from heart:

If your sole motive is learning, then the project should never be considered 100% finished. you need to enjoy your work, learn what you did on one project and take that experience to the next project. When you learn something from heart, you enjoy that learning and you are always good at utilising what you learnt.

Learning is a never ending process and continues until one wants to learn. There are new things, new skills and many new experiences to learn and share. So the journey should always be enjoyable and satisfying.

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