How to Increase Followers on Twitter?


Twitter has evolved to be one of the most powerful and popular social network. Reasons behind its wide acceptance are many. Quick n easy and huge following by the industry leaders and digital marketers makes it quite pervasive. Other big reason for Twitter to become super influential is the SEO advantage given by Google to the Twitter users.

Twitter has actually witnessed and supported the shift in marketing perspective from brand-centric to people-centric. There is no doubt to the fact that everyone wants to utilise these opportunities. But for that you need a large number of followers. Though there are a number of unethical practices (buying followers) which claim to increase the number. But the spirit of this platform is to bring those people together who hold similar interests. And buying will neither help you spread your ideology nor help you get conversions out of spam or inactive accounts.

As the purpose of having fatter followers list is to have more people who like and share our tweets. And consequently to have power to get the followers get converted. Marketers who are having a tough time to find real followers are onto something wrong. Today, we bring you simple ways that can help flourish your followers list organically.

  1. Define and narrow down your niche Defining and narrowing down your niche is an important thing to do. Just like when you go out to meet someone, you should at least know whom do you want to meet. Same is the scenario that we want to explain in this point. Analyse your area of interest or what you tweet most about. Find the people with similar interests with the help of hashtags. This will help you in help you a lot in gaining authority as a Twitter user for that particular niche.
  2. Complete and optimize your profile A complete profile means that you should provide all the information which tells your audience about you. An optimized profile means that it has a picture of you, describes you, your interests and what you do quite well. Preferably you should also include the hashtags for which you tweet most often. This lets your audience know as to what kind of tweets are expected from you.
  3. Get selective in following potential users
    When you are through with narrowing down your niche, the next step is to follow the right people. You should start following people in your niche that you find tweeting information which is useful for your audience as well. But you should consider following things just before following them:-i) they should have a complete and optimised profile.
    ii) they should good amount of followers.
    iii) they should have a good following as well. As, if they have very less following as compared to their followers then it means that don’t follow back. And they may do the same to you too even if you start following them.
    iv) they regularly keep tweeting with the hashtags that you are interested in.

    This checklist is to help you find people who have similar interests and who will follow you back too. Not being careful while following may end you up in fattened following but not enough followers.

  4. Use 80-20 rule Using 80-20 rule while tweeting can help you a lot in getting real followers. We all know that we people are interested in getting information. This information may be in form of insights, industry trends, innovative ways of doing things or even quotes. While dividing the proportion of importance in your content, 80% of content should be focussed on giving information to your reader whereas pitching them for sales should be 20% only.While tweeting you should always keep in mind the value that you adding to your reader, how easy it is for the reader to like and share your content. For an engaging experience you can also share images and videos and ask your followers to share their similar experiences with you.
  5. Use appropriate hashtags Using appropriate hashtags and optimising them for your niche can grow your follower’s list lot more easily. Keep checking the trending tags and use the most appropriate hashtags related to your tweet. Restrict the usage of hashtags to not more than 2-3 for avoiding it to look spam. To get enough attention for your tweets, you can retweet other’s tweets using same tags as yours’.Another perspective of optimising hashtags is to Tweet with a particular hashtag a number of times in a day. This caters to your target audience in different time zones and can help have good reach with same hashtag. You should try to tweet in real-time till you are working and schedule them when you are asleep.
  6. Engage your followers and ask their opinions Twitter too is an effective platform to engage your audience and get followers. It not only allows you to express yourself but also to get in touch and converse with people on a particular topic. Twitter holds chats on scheduled days of the week and everyone who is interested in that topic can participate. This gives you an advantage of getting insights and also contacts others who have similar interests.You can introduce a new product, give description and rather than pitching them ask for their valued opinions. When you ask them they will give you honest views which can help you improve your product and in case they like it, then you can easily pitch it to them. You can even create polls, ask questions and opinions and interact with them.
  7. Don’t forget to reciprocate Reciprocate means to follow your followers back and give due attention to your followers. It is a very common tactic on twitter, that when you get notified that you are being followed by a user, then you must view the profile and follow them as well.
  8. Always reply to mentions Replying those who have mentioned you in their tweets or those who have retweeted you is a social courtesy. Twitter too, being a social networking platform, is all about connecting with people. So just like in our real life we have social ethics of expressing gratitude, you should do the same on Twitter as well. And when you get thanks message from an industry leader or someone you hold respect for, not only you but even your followers get to know about it. It might be a case that even your followers too start following the one who thanked you for your opinion, advise or mention or retweet.

We are through with a simple and easy process of increasing Twitter followers organically. Though simple yet very effective steps can help in fattening your followers list without using any tools.

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