How to create Killer Product Pages?


Have an eCommerce site but no conversions? Creating good product pages equipped with factors affecting the buying process can help. Showing your customer all that he needs and the best he can have on your site is what a product page serves.Weak and poor product pages can ruin your reputation and will not let your customer come back to your site again.

So to avoid all the inconvenience and a bad impression on your customer, we have listed points to help you create product pages that influence and work hard to convert your visitor into your customer.

1. Clean and Organized Look
Many a times we come across product pages that give a cluttered feeling thereby obstructing the product from being properly visible. The very first step is to remove the clutter and give your page an organized look. A priority wise display into groups holding chunks of logical information helps the visitor to make a better decision. Assume yourself as a customer, think of the information you would be looking for, before making a purchase. This will help you a lot in cutting the clutter and keeping the visitor focused.

2. Clear Call-to-Action
Once a visitor arrives at your product page, you can’t afford to let him go just because of a confusing call-to-action (CTA). Making clear CTA buttons like “Add to cart” or “Proceed to Checkout” will help the visitor know what he is expected to do next. Pasting a hyperlink or any text with non-standard UI will create confusion and you might lose a prospect.

3. Faster Page Loading
In this fast paced world, speed is everything. So you need to have fast loading, snappy and responsive product pages for the visitor to stay. An overtly designed page should be replaced by one with minimal design and optimum information about the product.

4. High Definition Product Image
Opposite to the brick and mortar stores, your visitor on ecommerce store is not able to touch and feel your product. So, to build their confidence, you need to add high definition images to give the customer a strong grasp of what he is buying. Products like apparels, home goods, gadgets, and rather anything available on your e-store needs quality images and access to multiple views. Even using models in different poses can help your user to get an idea of the size and even the approximate look of the product. Displaying measurements in various standard units used globally can help your international customers estimate the accurate size just at a glance.

5. Create Desire and Convince
Words have the power to convince your customers. So just make sure that the copy you have on your product pages as description is quite illustrative and working hard to convince your potential customers. The must haves for a good product page are its availability, various sizes and colors available, size charts, price, shipping options and information for the same. The product description section can include all the information describing your product. Highlighting the unique selling points (USPs) of your products in a bulleted form will help your visitor to be able to quickly grasp the outstanding features. A compelling product description and well listed unique value propositions can help you persuade your prospect to make a purchase.

6. Cross-sell and Up-sell
A nicely created landing page will always include opportunities for your business to increase the order value and provide quality user experience for your visitors. The best way to incorporate this opportunity is to cross-sell and up-sell. Cross-selling means when you offer products to a customer that complement his purchased product. Whereas up-selling  means that when a customer who is looking for any basic product is offered premium products on your store. Both these techniques aim to help you increase the average value of an order by giving options to the user to buy more products or to buy expensive products.

The good thing is you do not have to choose one out of the two rather can use both at one time. Showing recommendations for upsell or cross-sell may be done as “Customers who bought this item also bought”.

7. Product Titles
Relevant product titles are an important element of your product page which needs to be carefully managed. A good product title will not only benefit your customers who are browsing your online store but will also be helpful in ranking better for SEO. A product title which describes what the product is all about fetches more clicks than the one that can hardly describe the product it relates to. For this you need to do some keyword research, and find what your target audience is looking for?  But being sensible in adding keywords to your product page is the key as adding the same irrelevantly may result into the adverse effects of Keyword Stuffing.

8. Build Customer Confidence
You can build your customer’s confidence in your product by eliminating all the doubts he may have while actually purchasing the product. Communicate all the necessary information like well composed description about the quality of the product, sizing, policies regarding return, and your commitments for customer service. Clearing all the doubts even before they arise in the mind of  customer, it will make him comfortable, reduce his anxiety and help supporting his urge to buy.

Adding a section for product reviews and testimonials by other customers who have used the product will help you socially motivate your visitor to get converted. Adding social dynamics to the user experience can help you get amazing customer response in boosting your sales.

9. Easy Checkout
Checkout experience needs to be as easy as breeze. If your buyers can’t make out where to checkout or how to checkout, then all the efforts poured-in in the above mentioned steps will go in vain. Adding a clear “Add to Cart” button on each product page can help your customer to trace the flow which he is expected to follow. Moreover, showing all the products they have added to their shopping cart, their prices and the total payable amount with well synced payment options  will help them in easy checkout.

Product pages play an important role in the success of your online business. As a store owner, as a professional designer for UX/UI you aim to deliver your visitor a compelling experience that helps boosting conversion. The above mentioned points are the checklist which you need to consider for having a best-in-class product pages. You can always test and experiment these on the basis of industry you are serving and the kind of audience you are targeting.

For any more information, please feel free to contact us. Stay connected for more information loaded blogs coming your way.

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