How 20 mins of Yoga can help you achieve 20 times more at work !


In this age of smart phones, tablets & ecommerce where Being Connected to the world is perceived as an In thing, Our Yogis insisted in disconnection with the outer world & connection with the inner self & Introduced Yoga!

Yoga ! which in Sanskrit means “Listen”. “Listen” is a word that has gone missing from our tech lifestyles backed by abundance of information on Wikipedia. We talk more because we think we know more, it is for sure enough to disconnect you from your co workers, colleagues, family & friends.

Our ancestors may have envisioned where the human race is today and have invented Yoga so we may listen to our inner-self, our body, nature & the world around us. This disconnection actually helps in better connectivity.

Yoga has been adapted by personalities we quote at workplace, family outings & meetings, names like Madonna, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, Ricky Martin, Demi Moore, and Robert Downey Junior. They practice Yoga, not only to connect with the higher self but also to get the best out of the body & the given time. Yoga is nothing but a framework to sit, stand and stretch in return we get a Calm Mind, Relaxed Body ready to double, triple & quadruple the productivity at work.


Remember 20 mins of Yoga may give you 20 times more productivity


A special form of Yoga is Pranayama In Sanskrit ‘Pran’ means ‘Breath’ and ‘Ayama’ means ‘control’ so it is called as Pranayama

Here are some tips as I have been practicing Pranayama from last couple of years, it helped me not only in being the shape I always wanted but also in the mind set which connects me with my fellow mates at work, my clients, my friends & family. Overall practicing yoga has given me Unconditional Positivity in life, which I preach.

Here are some FAQs, which I think will be able to answer your questions.

What is the best time for Yoga ?

Though the Best time to do Pranayama is early morning around 5:30 am but you may utilize evenings as well based on the schedule, only rule applies to both the time options is you should have not eaten 4 hours before the practice.


What to eat and drink before the session?

In the morning you may take a glass of water around 300ml to 500 ml, Freshen up, empty stomach & you are ready to start


What is the best location to do Yoga ?

It is highly reconvened that Yoga is practiced in an open space, preferably the roof top.


What clothes and gears that I should buy for the sessions?

Yogis practiced yoga in ancient time & they wore loose clothes & hand made mats. In the modern world you may wear relaxed home wear, Even night suits are fine. You may buy a Yoga mat as it helps your body acting as a cushion against the hard floors.


How much of Yoga session is enough?

You may start with 10-15 mins daily & may take the practice up to 1 hour


What kind of Pranyama I shall do ?

Like I said it’s a framework and the Yogis have formed step-by-step practice.

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Kapalbhati
  3. Bahya
  4. Anulom Vilom
  5. Bhramari
  6. Udgeeth
  7. Pranav


Shall I do it in presence of the Teacher?

There are a lot of Yoga teachers around these days but everyone has developed their own style of yoga, there sare lots of yoga sessions recorded by a number of Yoga Gurus including Guru Iyengar, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev. In the initial sessions pay close attention to the posture and the breath, Once its set you are your own teacher & teacher to your fellow mates at work

Important Precautions  – These breathing exercises (seven pranayama ) should be done on an empty stomach and in fresh air. Always consult a doctor before practicing any exercises.

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