What You Need to Know About Apple’s Latest OS Update iOS 9


The magic of Apple worked out again this WWDC. Apple unveiled different operating systems for its devices. But, definitely IOS9 was the show-stopper. When Apple Engineers started explaining the features, everyone was star-struck. So, in this article below I will try to cover main advancements that take IOS to a new level.

Apple announced plenty of new features and exciting significant improvements such as Transit in Apple Map, Split screen multitasking for iPad, Apple Music, Proactive Assistant and much more.

Apple provided a large number of initiatives for developers like access to core API’s i.e. more integration between third party applications and core iOS Apps.

Let’s open up more to these features unveiled by Apple on iOS 9 –

1. Siri – A Proactive Assistant

Siri is no longer a feature but is now your own Personal Assistant. It is more proactive to provide recommendations based on places, time and activities. Like, when you work out at 6 am and like to listen music, it will automatically have your music cued when you plug in your headphones. It will also let you Siri your Apps via data deep linking feature but only if App allows. Another capability of Siri, where you will be amazed by its responsiveness to your preference of not talking and have put your phone on silent then Siri will only chat with you.

2. Apple Wallet

Wallet, upgraded version of Passbook, a better reflection of Apple Pay Integration. It will store your credit-cards, debit-cards even coupons from retails stores such as Apple Store,McDonalds,Starbucks etc. It will let marketers to send out offers triggered by location or users interest through iAds. These iAd coupons can be directly added into the new Wallet App and can be redeemed using Apple Pay.

3. Apple Music

Apple music, a music streaming service announced by Apple with iOS 9. Featuring its main parameters – The “Beats 1” radio service, downloading and discovering music. Major addition to the service is Siri Integration. Apple’s Music service will let artists to share songs directly with fans include radio station named “Beat 1” and entire music from iTunes Catalogue.

4. Split Screen Multitasking

iOS 9 brought a big relief to iPad Users. You can have two apps side by side in 50-50 or 70-30 screen ratio. This is how you can make better use of big screen. Videos can be watched in a picture-in-picture mode where you can resize your video window according to your preference. Also a new mode is provided that turns your keyboard into a trackpad. These Split view, Picture-in-Picture, Slide over mode gives a new way to multitask on iPad.

5.News App

iOS 9 replaces newsstand with News App with rich multimedia format and aggregation of news based on your interest. It allows publishers to create custom content. Publishers can embed videos and photo galleries in News App article similar to Flipboard. Content has been optimised both for iPad and iPhone. It tends to keep original font size of articles similar to the original source article for providing experience of reading at home site. You can bookmark articles to read later and can favourite topics. It will also suggest you new things based on your readings.

6. Notes

Notes have always been great for writing down your things. iOS 9 brought a new level of notes providing ease of making Checklists of ToDo, adding map locations, sketching with your fingers, adding photos and urls. All changes in notes will sync to iCloud and updated on all your Apple devices.The Attachments Browser organizes all the items attached to your notes in one simple view, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

7. Android Migration

Apple makes easier for Android users to switch their smartphones to an iPhone. All Contacts, message history, calendar and content can be migrated using Move to iOS App which will available later this year with iOS 9. Apps will be suggested by Apple store itself on its new suggestion page. Tricky part of this Android Migration tool is about Paid Apps, as they obviously can’t be migrated but will be added to wish-list for easy localisation and purchase only if app is available on both platforms.

List does not end here, the changes are far extensive and developer focused.

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