Google Enrolled Penguin 2.1 Spam Filtering Algorithm


On last Friday, Matt Cutts, head of search spam at Google, announced another major step by Google for preventing “Spam”. This time, it is by the name of Penguin 2.1.

From quite some time, Google has been aggressively working to fight spam, and its Penguin algorithm was considered one of the most remarkable initiatives in this concern. Now, this one is the fifth time; Google has come up with a Penguin updated.

Reportedly, it is being said that this update is not as major as Penguin 2.0 (that went live in April 2012), which claimed to affect 2.3% of search queries. This algorithm update is said to affect 1% of search queries, which is also a significant value.

In the official announcement, Google said that the update will harm all those websites that are not providing high quality content to users. Websites that do not have relevant and useful content will notice decline in the ranking in Google’s search results.

Once again focusing on the content quality, it was said that they want people to come up with websites that are more useful for users and offer quality content.

Adding more to this announcement, it was said that website owners that are aggressively doing SEO by adopting unethical means shall also suffer from this update. They suggested that ethical SEO techniques should be employed, instead of forceful spamming tactics.

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