What is Google AMP and How Does it Affect SEO?


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What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s initiative to eliminate lethargic mobile site performance with emblazing speed. Google launched AMP with a motive to show FAST search engine result pages to the users. It intended to optimise the experience of mobile browsing while the user is on-the-go and doesn’t have fast speed internet. By standardising a mobile version with AMP, Google will let the publishers use this open source coding so that their sites get quickly loaded on mobiles and provide a better user experience.

Why is AMP Important?

Can you afford to lose 40% of your potential users? How? As per search results 40% of traffic aborts the session if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is spine-chilling, but it’s a fact. Today’s users are becoming more demanding and eager. It’s not a hitch but an opportunity for developers to offer great user experience. Google, in past October, announced the introduction of a very accessible framework which would create fast mobile webpages. This framework is called Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP in short) and is known to have acquired importance amongst the ranking factors.


How is AMP lightning fast?

  1. AMP is just like Diet HTML. With a moto to increase the speed, certain HTML tags and things like forms have been eliminated.
  2. Optimised CSS. Optimised and streamlined version of CSS has been made obligatory.
  3. Third party Java script is prohibited. AMP manages resource handling and asynchronous loading. So the basic idea behind is that whole of this platform has been established to encourage readability and speed.


Publishers/Content Marketers

  • Listed among Top Stories. Implementation of AMP will place those pages in the “Top Stories” of search results and organic listings. Highlighted with grey lightning bolts, AMP pages could be easily recognized.
  • Satisfied users. With faster loading, there would be dropped bounce back rate, raised traffic and pageviews and ultimately higher conversion.
  • Impressive Results of AMP ads. With quicker loading, users will consume more content and visit other pages on the site. This will lead to increased revenue for the monetised websites.
  • Potential increase in search rankings. AMP is quite apt and eligible criteria to increase your search rankings as Google has clearly declared direct correlation between AMP and top search results.


  • Instant results. Users get disappointed when they have to wait for excessive time for the page to get loaded, but with this framework they will get their search results almost instantly.
  • No pop-ups. Preventing third party JavaScript has helped users to view their desired pages without getting irritating pop-ups time and again.

Early Adapters of AMP

AMP was initiated by Google and Twitter and hence they were among the firsts to adapt it. Google Amp is rapidly getting adopted by big news sites like CNN and The New York Times. Ecommerce Company like eBay also gets enlisted among the AMP sites.


We expect that by reading this blog you would have gained the understanding on the concept of AMP and how it is important. AMP is really powerful and is being favoured by Google, so it has the potential to dominate the mobile search. Google is promoting this initiative just to provide its users with a better experience and fast content loading. Google AMP is in its initial stages. But we hope that Google will soon add functionalities and simplify some integration aspects for a quicker acceptance by the publishers.

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