Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update and It’s Impact on Businesses


FB Algorithm

What was the update all about?
Facebook had announced the change to its News Feed for the third time in the past few months. This time the update has been made by the company to promote quality pieces that users actually want to read.
Facebook’s algorithm update aims at killing Clickbait and weed out bad content by showing more content that matters to its viewers. The motive of introducing such an algorithm is to understand, which posts, stories or content it should show on top in your News Feed to keep you interested and engulfed in reading. The Social networking giant has surveyed its users on relevancy of the content and the time they spend on viewing a post and hence concluded to change its News Feed accordingly. Facebook wants to improve its user experience by serving them more content that they really care about. The company is also finding ways to minimize how frequently you will see multiple posts from same source within your News Feed.

How Has It Impacted Businesses?
Facebook’s Clickbait purge has ripples effect on publishers as now user engagement has become more valuable than just quantity of the click through. It is great news for users but might not please marketers or media sites with Facebook pages. The company started tracking on to how much time a user spends on finding content so that it could use this metrics or keywords a user posts to find posts that interests him. Though it will continue to take likes, shares, comments and clicks into consideration, it will add this new factor to show those posts up in its News Feed that doesn’t have much interaction but still are enjoyed by the users.

Does It Really Have Any Significant Changes?
According to VentureBeat, Facebook doesn’t think Pages will see “any significant changes,” but at the same time declares that some users may see a “small increase in referral traffic,” while some others could see “minor decreases.” Publishers with high-frequency and low quality will certainly get dinged. With the introduction of this algorithm, Facebook is eliminating the tool which companies used for getting more clicks but recently added Audience Optimization tools that will allow publishers to narrowly target their posts.

How Social Media Marketers Can Make The Best Use of It?

This update declares loud and clear that “Content is the King” and Serious Journalism is going to get rewarded. Marketers and publishers will have to re-evaluate their content before they publish, present and promote to hold reader’s attention. For more chances to get their posts served over again, they will have to ensure that their content has in-depth stories, interactive content and a variety which interests the audience. With this, Facebook has given a clear message that user engagement and interests matters to it more than anything else. Another big change that Facebook will bring with this update is that it will limit the frequency of posts from same publisher to the same user.

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