eCommerce Do’s to Safeguard Your Customers


With the rising popularity of eCommerce business, the hackers and fraudsters have also found it to be a very lucrative target. So if any eCommerce store owner has an insecure website then it is really hard for him/her to gain people’s trust as no one wants to give their hard earned money to anyone who is not offering any security of their information. Hence these security breaches, hacking and frauds represent some of the major risks and threats related to e-commerce.

Today we have got the best practices that if implemented will surely safeguard sensitive data from being stolen and employ a risk management approach to your online business. Here they are:

  1. Select a Secure Platform for your eCommerce Store
    Where do we start any project from? From the basics right? So the base of any eCommerce store is the platform on which the foundations of a multi category and multi-product store are laid. Choose an eCommerce platform that is secure to use. Topping the list of most feature laden, sophisticated and extensively used secured platforms are Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce. So for preventing any of the sensitive information from being hacked or cracked, choose a sturdy and substantial base for your eCommerce store to gain trust of the prospective customers.
  1. Ensure PCI Compliance
    PCI compliance is a set of Payment Card Industry standards that are set for all those who process credit or debit card payments. By being PCI compliant you guarantee the cardholder complete protection of his sensitive information and also ensure complete control measures.
  1. Implement SSL Certificates
    Secure Sockets Layers or SSL certificates are a protection layer for those site visitors who share their personal information over the internet. This serves as a security certification towards the site visitors, offering complete encryption and secured transmission of data. SSL certificate basically encrypts or makes the text unreadable for everyone except the destination server. This text includes all the sensitive information like username, passwords and credit card details. With implementation of SSL certificate you are not only securing the valuable information of the customers but also extend an overpass of trust and faith towards for your current and prospective clients. As when see they every possible effort made from vendors side to secure their transactions, they surely feel safe while dealing with you.
  1. Implement 2 Factor Authentications
    These days everyone is considering 2 factor authentications to save the sensitive data from being stolen or being a target of multiple ‘phishing’ ways compromising the security of online stores. This security measure is a process in which a site visitor provides his user details like username and password and other sensitive information like mobile number and receives an OTP (One Time Password) or a code on his verified number in real time. By this 2 factor authentication the user is protected from the malicious activities of hackers as they can crack the password but can’t hack the code at all.
  1. Use a VPN
    it is always advisable to be extremely careful to deal with financial transaction while using public network. This is because when data is transferred over pubic network, it can be easily intercepted by cybercriminals and can be misused by them. To avoid such a risk, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the solution. A VPN connects you to an offsite server through an encrypted connection, thereby securing the financial informtion or data transmission between the site visitors and the store owner. Open VPN is quite popular for its open-source community based edition which can be used without any charges.
  2. Educate your Customers and Employees
    Educating the customers and employees about the various laws and policies that are framed to protect customer data is really important. Everyone who is working within your organisation should be equipped with a complete understanding of risks and practices leading to fraud. Once they get familiar with details that may lead to any misuse of data and finances, they will stay alert and aware of it and thereby avoiding anyone to cheat on them.


In the final thoughts we would suggest all the eCommerce store owners to implement above mentioned safety measures to safeguard valuable information of their customers and build trust. Because if you value your customers, only then they will value you and your online Store.

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