How to Create the Best Google Adwords Campaign?


A good advertising can be defined as not only a piece of information circulating amongst public but it actually penetrates into people’s minds, catering to their desires and calling them to take action. So with this significance of advertising, innumerable free tools that crop up for ecommerce companies cannot compete with paid advertisements.

Google Adwords Campaigns

So here we bring to you tips to build profitable Ad campaign. Building your AdWords campaign structure with the guidelines framed will surely help your business yield better results. And it I not necessary that you have to spend a lot on Google Adwords coz with the right structure and strategy you can ensure the utility of your budget by reaching out to the right people clicking on your Adwords. Let’s share a few tips that you can effectively and productively optimize your ads.

  1. Analyse Your Customer
    The first and foremost thing to analyse and decide is “customer demand”. The basic ingredient of a successful campaign understands the customer, his psychology and his mindset. In simple words it can be said that create such ads that attract the audience, raise their interests in your product or service and convince them to buy it.
  2. Define Adwords Campaigns Structure Properly
    Structuring the ad words campaign in terms of location and device will govern the way you build your Ad words account. As while setting up your campaign only location and device are the two dimensions that you can select and add adjust. So with a clear goal in mind, select the locations considering where your target audience lives and how do you want to reach out to them i.e. via computer/laptop or mobile devices only.
  3. Research for Relevant Keywords
    After structuring your account, it is high time to research relevant keywords for your ad campaign. While looking for keywords that are related to your business, you must choose the keywords that have high search volumes. Search volumes mean that people frequently use these words while searching online. Keywords that indicate that buyer has an intention to buy the product should be invested in. Affordability is the prime factor on deciding the keywords that you invest in.
  4. Use Negative Keywords
    Negative keywords are the keywords that are not directly linked to your product that is being advertised but these words are related to other keywords. For example just to promote your sales, you add the negative keyword “Free” to your ad campaign. By doing this you indicate Adwords not to show your ad for any query that has the word “free” in it. Adding negative keywords helps to streamline your ad and makes it appear on more relevant search result pages.
  5. Check Competitor’s Intelligence
    Tracking your competitor and checking their intelligence will help you in designing your own ad. You must have some established competitors who have already tested and optimized a number of keywords, landing pages and ad campaigns which can be a source of inspiration and guidance to build one for yourself. You can do this with competitive intelligence tool called KeywordSpy. This tool gives you access to a structured and organized history of your competitor.
  6. Build you Unique Selling Proposition
    USP is something that will help you stand apart from your competitors. It will also help your customers to choose you rather than anyone else who is into same business as you are.A strong and unique selling proposition fetches more qualified traffic, gives you a better conversion rate and only a strong USP can eliminate comparison. If your USP is quite convincing and compelling to the buyer then he might hardly look around for any comparisons. USP can be best build by analysing and focussing on you core strengths and by considering customer insight and their requirements.
  7. Make a Convincing Offer
    Next to USP is offering a conviction statement that needs to be showcased in what you offer to your prospect. Build your offer with such a persuasion with following factors included:

    1. Value A customer is always ready to pay for a thing that holds value to his hard earned money. So while making an offer shows that the value your product or service delivers is greater than the price tag it holds.
    2. Believable Your offer should have a reason for being too good otherwise the prospect turns sceptical to your intentions.
    3. Risk Aversion You should guarantee money back to your customers in case they don’t find the shopping experience satisfactory. This will reduce their risk and build a confidence in your brand.
  8. Add Display URL and Destination URL
    Display URL is the URL to the home page of your website that you want your prospect customers to remember for visiting you without finding your ad. Whereas destination URL is the one that focusses on the products that are featured in your ad. It is advisable to have a dedicated landing page that focusses on the products that are featured in your ad campaign.
  9. Bid on Clicks
    Now your ad is almost ready to be posted but before that you need to bid on your clicks. Your affordability to pay more will lead to frequent visibility in search results. So you need to fix the budget that you want to spend on your Adword campaign.
  10. Track Conversions & Optimize your Ads Once your ad is posted its time to track the conversions so that it can bring a higher return on investment (ROI) with keyword analysis. Along with tracking, you need to optimize Adwords with three factors:
    1. Raise Keyword Bids If you start getting clicks and sales raised with keyword then you should definitely optimize your bids for profit generating keywords.
    2. CTR It is the quality score for your website which is actually determined by Google with its algorithm on your ad’s Click Through Rate. To make the most out of it, you need to keep testing different ad campaigns and check which on yields the best results.
    3. Conversion Rate Your landing page also plays an important role in deciding the conversion rate. If your landing page keeps up with the promises made by you in your ad then it builds a trust in customer’s mind leading to higher conversion.


These ten tips in the process of building a successful Adword campaign will definitely prove to add productivity and raise success rate of your ad. We shall keep providing more of such useful tips that help running a technology aware and innovation oriented business.

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