Is App Development on Your Agenda? Then Read This First.


Changing technology landscape and evolving user preferences have created an attractive demand market for mobile apps. In case you want to capitalize on this surge in demand or want to develop an enterprise app for your business, you would surely be interested in learning from our experiences. Towards this, we bring to you a few key pointers that will help you get going and stay on the right path in mobile app development –

  • Select your platform carefully – While Apple is popular in US and Europe, Android is dominant in Asia-Pacific and Africa. Consider your target audience and develop the app on a single platform first.
  • Type of app – Going for native or web app or hybrid? You need to decide on the average Internet penetration in the target market to deicide the right type of app to be developed. For instance, going for native app might be more feasible in Asia where Internet bandwidth and coverage is low.
  • Process is the key – Do adhere to industry practices when developing app to keep your project ad budget on track. Going through the process of brainstorming, wire-framing, basic functionality and full-fledged app release will help ensure that the final product is as per expectations
  • Don’t avoid testing – Many developers rush through app release without testing it comprehensively. Do make sure that all scenarios and use cases are considered and tested thoroughly. This will also help in quick adoption of the app and boost downloads.
  • App store protocols – Apple and Android follow their own system of protocols that need to be complied with for app store release. Do make certain that your app takes this into consideration at time of app development and testing
  • Feedback is crucial – Your users are the key to your app success. When you provide them the means to listen to their views and opinions, your app can only get better through updates that incorporates their views
  • App Marketing – Employ the services of a competent app marketing agency to drive app visibility and coverage higher. Gaining traction and interest on social media and Internet will help in volume of app downloads eventually.

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