Why AngularJS Is Becoming Favorite MVC Framework For Many Businesses?



It’s been two years since the launch of multiple Javascript MVC frameworks. However, AngularJS has towered way above others in this short span of time and rightly so. Maintained by Google, the key USP of the framework is to make the coding and testing much easier using MVC architecture. Google Trends analysis clearly shows that other frameworks introduced at around the same time – Knockout JS or Ember or Backbone JS – lag behind AngularJS in a big way. While we do not mean to put down other JS, this blog simply provides reasons why AngularJS is our favorite framework.

Here are some reasons why we feel this framework will be a good fit for enterprise-level needs –

  1. Ease of data binding – With freedom from explicit declaration of properties and dependencies, code duplication is reduced. For example to display details about contact, no more need to define ‘contact’ table, a server-side ‘contact’ domain object, a ‘contact’ JSON object and a client-side ‘contact’ object.

  2. Dependency Injection – Using this vital highlight of the framework, it can bring server-side capabilities such as view dependent controllers or client-side web applications, thus reducing load on the server

  3. Testing made easy – Angular incorporates both test-driven and behavior-driven testing to help test all components right from business logic of the code to UI behaviors

  4. Development control – Angular provides ‘Directives’ that allow developers to build new HTML elements or attributes. As a plus point these directives can be passed through the testing’s systems, can be worked upon in parallel by multiple developers and can be involved in dependency injection.

  5. Works with Single Page Applications – With the Web design world shifting toward single page applications to replicate and provide uniformity for the app experience on mobile and web, SPA applications have gained much traction. Angular helps address many of the challenges that are encountered when developing single page applications.

  6. MVC implementation – Coding and development becomes much easier when MVC architecture is implemented. Angular uses MVC model that helps to separate out the presentation, business logic and data components for ease of managing the entire project.

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