Agile Methodology in Software Testing


When you listen the word “Agile”, all you have one query in your mind “what is Agile and why Agile?”

Agile methodology is just interactive approach to perform testing in these days.

By one line, we can get an idea of Agile

“Agile” methodology which promotes the iteration of development and testing phase throughout SDLC in continuous layout.

Agile is just philosophy term which believes to deliver constant output of modules to customer one by one, which is based on simple values of communication and feedback between whole team and client. Testing on Agile platform is a standard shift for traditional testing roles. It makes changes in tester’s attitude from a laid back relay race oriented approach to an upfront involved role.
A tester has an independent role to play in agile projects throughout different phases of iterations.Iteration is normally two weeks long activity where small-small requirements are analysed, coded and tested. The QA needs to keep track of the past, present and future all activities to perform effective and efficient testing on an agile project..

QA’s role is not as the gatekeeper of the quality of the product. this responsibility fulfilled by the whole team. so agile is the solution. mostly for Agile methodology “SCRUM” is used.SCRUM’s main objective is to empowering the development team and advocates working in small teams. SCRUM is an agile development method which have principle that specifically focus on how to manage tasks within a team based development environment.It divides into three categories.”Scrum master”,”product owner”,”Scrum Team”.

SCRUM methodology performed by a process:-

  • Each iteration of a scrum is known as Sprint. Product backlog is a list where all details are entered to get the end product
  • During each Sprint, top items of Product backlog are selected and turned into Sprint backlog
  • Team works on the defined sprint backlog
  • Team checks for the daily work
  • At the end of the sprint, team delivers product functionality

In SCRUM Methodology it breaks down user stories into prioritized testing needs and track those needs until completion. BY using SCRUM, QA can easily trace the requirements and track test cases according to it and execute it.

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