What to Expect from Adobe’s Magento Acquisition


Adobe’s Magento Acquisition

For a spicy sum of $1.68 billion, Adobe has acquired Magento Commerce platform. Something quite unexpected in the history of software programs and digital marketing as well. Magento, a leading e-commerce development company that provides open-source e-commerce solutions at no cost and customization options, like plugins and extensions has driven online user engagement to the maximum. Moreover, the Magento Commerce Cloud gave Adobe an opportunity to integrate and enhance B2B and B2C shopping experiences. Industries like retail, wholesale, public sector, manufacturing, and consumer-packaged goods, have registered improvement since the merger.

This e-commerce platform is experiencing sales growth and a further increase in their conversion rates for online retail stores. This acquisition has clearly brought with it several changes, most notably in the foundation of a more dynamic and resourceful e-commerce sector.

Following are some predictions that we expect in near future.

  • Introduction of a Holistic Magento 3
    Magento started off with Magento 1 which was revamped to a recent version, Magento 2. However, this spelled doom for users, who had an arduous task and time in migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

    Adobe acquisition of Magento brought about a radical transformation, a holistic and more optimizes Magento 3 for both B2B and B2C environments. Moreover, this version makes migration from Magento 1 and 2 exceedingly seamless.

  • Direct e-commerce and Integration of Creativity
    When someone mentions e-commerce, we automatically focus on sales and marketing bit, however, there is more to it than meets the eye. There are other less predominant aspects that play a huge role in e-commerce, alternately optimized for heightened or enhanced creativity i.e., Magento developers and eCommerce Specialists. Adobe, by far, is a giant, comprehensive ecosystem that supports creativity and with this acquisition, a more dynamic and extensive ecosystem that covers both ends was birthed.

    In addition, with Magento’s partners already providing thousands of prebuilt extensions, including payment, tax, logistics and shipping, Adobe’s integration has given businesses the opportunity to iterate their e-commerce capabilities. For Magento developers and eCommerce Specialists, they will better develop Magento projects and assist their customers with scaling their online business, respectively.

  • Increased CompetitionThe acquisition created a ripple in the e-commerce market as other platforms were faced with competition. Adobe suit is an important tool already in use in the platform and moreover, Magento is a leader in its own right. Magento has benefited in ways other platforms cannot comprehend, with the integration of Adobe tools, it has gained an edge that no other competitor can overcome. Clearly, we can see how other major players, like Shopify, are struggling to keep up with the pace.
  • Magento Developers
    Adobe has acquired a commerce platform driven by a community of over 300,000 Magento developers, and eCommerce Specialists. Moreover, with the new features introduced and the maintenance of the open source version, Magento developers can continue tinkering, learning and improving the platform.

    Even we , being hard core followers and Magento Specialists, feel that not only us but the whole community and present and prospective clients of Magneto too shall gain a lot from this acquisition.


The Adobe acquisition of Magento has clearly revamped the digital experience and introduced next-generation consumer capabilities and experience. Moreover, the acquisition was welcomed by the Magento developers’ community as a whole, and it seems that the future of Magento development and the e-commerce sector as a whole is safe. eCommerce specialists will be better involved with their Magento clients and realize proficient and quality services.

All things considered…there is more to expect out of this historic merger, what do you think?

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