7 Things to Know Before Hiring a Magento Development Agency


Magento is proving to be a leader of open omnichannel innovation. Merchants are feeling empowered when they find this open source, cloud-based digital commerce platform to give solutions to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. With the rising popularity of this best e-commerce platform available today, a lot of web development agencies have jumped into this bowl of honey. But as many of them have not have invested enough in planning and support of this platform, they fail to tame this mammoth.

How to hire

But for merchants it’s important to find themselves an expert and appropriate Magento agency that plans, organises and supports their e-commerce store in this fast-evolving world. We are presenting to you a number of important factors that will help you choose an appropriate agency to develop your Magento e-commerce store.

1 Experience & knowledge

2 Company Portfolio

3 Pre/Post Development Support

4 Communication Mechanisms

5 Security & Safety

6 High end resources

7 Quality & Pricing

Experience & Knowledge  

Experience and knowledge are the most important and the foremost key factors that assure you that the developers or companies you are hiring will develop a dynamic e-commerce store for you. Experienced and knowledgeable magento developers or companies always have promising success stories in the form of reviews and testimonials which help you preview the quality of work done and delivered.

Company Portfolio

After experience it’s time to check expertise and professionalism of the development company. Portfolio speaks a lot about the developers or the agency in context of the working style, a resourceful team and above all it tells the methodology and process used. These unsaid features further indicate the truth of success story of the company in the form of commitment to the clients and number of projects worked and delivered and so on.

Pre/Post Development Support

Developing an e-commerce store in Magento is not a one-time process. It needs to be regularly monitored and updated from time to time. Post development support ensures that bugs and other related issues are solved even before your e-commerce store goes live. Some of the very basic reasons as to why post development support is required are:-
a) Better performance of the e-commerce store.

  • b) Addition and updating of new features and functions with the changing requirements.
  • c) Efficiency and convenience in operations.
  • d) Customization and integration of third party.

Communication Mechanism

Before you zero-in on any developer or company on the basis of their Portfolio, Experience and support the next important factor that needs serious consideration is the communication mechanism. The developer should have superior communication skills which mean that he should have prompt understanding of the requirements of the client. There should be an easy flow of communication which is possible with strong intrapersonal skills on the part of the developer, lingual efficiency between the client and the developer and most importantly the company should possess essential communication tools. Tools like Skype and Google talk lets you interact with the other party regarding the development of e-commerce store and let the work flow efficiently and supports the team in case of development of offshore projects.

Safety & Security

Cyber criminals are getting attracted by the numerous benefits and unending profits of e-commerce stores. They are always there peeping around to find loopholes to crack the code and attack your website. So just like taking effective security measures for your office and home, same way hire an agency which is well-versed with all the safety guidelines and takes security as a priority. Magento keeps updating itself on security fronts regularly, so should the developer keep implementing those updates and possess that cutting edge knowledge to develop a secured e-commerce store.

High End Resources

High end resources means that the company you desire to hire should have sufficient number of Developers & Designers, a constant high speed internet connection available round the clock and power back up and an uninterrupted medium of communication. All these points of high end resources add up to the productivity of the team and efficiency in the development of the project.

Quality & Pricing

Once you are satisfied with all the factors mentioned above, it’s time to finalise on pricing. If you ever feel that a company is charging you a little higher then you should first compare the quality of work delivered as cost will be repaid to you by the operations of the e-commerce store but quality of Magento Developed website should never be overlooked. Paying a little extra amount for a cutting edge online business solution in this competitive social environment is not a bad deal at all.


Creating a Magento e-commerce solution is not an easy job but a task that involves an in-depth technical expertise and support. So if you want that your e-commerce store should give high quality shopping experience to your customers and heavy ROI to you then you must consider all the factors mentioned above and choose your Magento Development Agency wisely.

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