7 Reasons Your eCommerce Store Needs to be Switched onto Magento


With the continuous growth of sales in online business, nearly every industry is adding online sales and e-commerce as a part of their marketing strategy. The success of online business can be witnessed from the fact that many online retailers are a big hit even without having any physical stores. Big names like ebay, Amazon and Flipkart are no exceptions. If you are planning to add ecommerce to your marketing strategy or you already have an e-store on an unsuitable platform then give it a thought again. With the advancement in technology even the hackers have grown scarier. As we are in shark-infested water confidentiality, integrity and availability forms pillars of basic criterion to select right platform.

Magento offers solution to all these troubles. Being the most flexible and secure e-commerce platform that really features a framework system and gives you liberty to select and shape your store as per your own needs. With Magento you can build custom solutions that leverage amazing and eye-catching designs that are user friendly and also empowers thousands of retailers and brands with the framework to rapidly innovate and grow. It has become preferred choice of millions of retailers and store owners due to following reasons:

  1. Customisable open sourced software
    Magento is the world’s leading ecommerce platform and is the fastest growing open source software available in the marketplace. Being open source, it allows the store owners and programmers to access the store owners and programmers to access the source code. It permits the developers to utilise various functionalities as per the requirement of the store. It also reduces the cost and saves money as it is a free to download ecommerce platform.
  2. Offers Scalability 
    Magento is platform that offers high scalability which means that it fulfils all types of     business requirements when backed with right configuration and hardware. In others words, scalability means with sudden increase in traffic on a Magento store, the performance will not be hampered in terms of slow page load speed or website crashing. Fortunately Magento is the perfect solution to such a business condition offering scalability and thus ensures that the store continues to grow and function well at every phase.
  3. SEO Friendly
    The key to a successful e-commerce site is that your customers are able to find your products & services easily on the major search engines like Google or Bing. Magento takes care of all the SEO requirements of your ecommerce store by offering diverse search engine optimised features. It creates tags, descriptions with keywords, sitemaps and URL options. Magento is available with Google sitemap which opportune your developers to inculcate search engines about products and services of your online store.
  4. Supportive Community
    Magento being the fastest growing platform has a rapidly growing community too that supports and offers solutions to all technical & programing queries. This community includes users, store owners, developers and even service providers who very supportively lend a helping hand when it comes to support system and resources for Magento users. Working with Magento as an e-commerce platform has an advantage of being perfect time saver in overcoming and fixing issues.
  5. Advanced catalogue Management
    Magento has the most advanced product upload features. It facilitates you to add thousands of products to your catalogue at a single import. Along with this it also includes feature of managing your catalogue with multiple categories & dynamic product attributes. With the most advanced capabilities and features, Magento provides comparisons, wish lists, search results & related products blocks like a breeze.
  6. Most Secure Platform
    In this environment, where hackers keep trying to crack databases every off and then, security is not an option. Same way data breaches are amongst every day news in case of e-commerce store. Fortunately Magento is always under constant watch by experts (or ethical hackers) who keep looking for the loopholes and on finding some, eliminate vulnerability by fixing the patches. With an amazingly dedicated community which reveals the errors and makes safety updates, Magento is close to being a perfect system.
  7. Numerous Extensions & Themes
    Magento offers a wide collection of extensions & functionalities. Magento Connect & Magento Marketplace are the superstores of Themes & Extensions for Magento 1.9.x and Magento 2 respectively. Users are offered with a high chance of freedom and extreme flexibility to optimise their stores and make it sturdier. Some of the most popular Magento extensions are “shopping Cart”, “one page checkout” and many others. It also has extensions for anything from SEO and blogging to image handling and affiliate marketing. Every extension has its ratings and reviews that enable the user to decide whether to install or purchase one.

Magento helps you to create a socially engaging experience with the use of latest technology to intensify your brand. It not only secures you from online perils but also offers numerous features and functionalities that beautifies your store and simplifies your life.

If you have made up your mind to get your ecommerce store designed or upgrade an existing one to Magento, talk to us. We are a team of Magento experts who will turn your imagination into reality with Magento’s technological advancements.

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