7 Magento Extensions Strengthening Your Social Media Reach


Boost your social media reach with these must have 7 Magento extensions

Over the recent years, Magento has gained significant strides in the E-commerce platform. Magento Store popularity for users has made it possible for its preference as an e-commerce website hosting platform. Thanks to the increased features and facilities that provide users with a large level of functionality.

Additionally, the Magento platform is expected to boom further with Magento Extensions development. While a myriad of extensions have been developed and are well versed to users, knowing to choose the best extensions for your desired purpose is quite confusing. As it seems, finding the most efficient Magento Extension can be difficult.

Magento Store, despite being a feature-rich and scalable platform, it lacks social e-commerce and marketing functionality out of the box. Nevertheless, when it comes to social media integration, there are numerous extensions to assist you. Do you wish to enhance your social media reach? These 7 Magento Extensions are a must learn for you

Social Pilot
Social Pilot enables a Magento Store user to promote their products across social media platform with ease. It means if you have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more you can use this Magento Extension. No longer are you required to copy paste or re-promote you products repeatedly.

Using this leaves you with ample time to focus on creating excellent products. Social Pilot, therefore handles your inbound marketing tasks easily.

Features of Social Pilot:

  • You promote your products across social media platforms with ease
  • Has advanced scheduling, where you plan product promotions ahead
  • Allows you to promote products with your own branding
  • Enables you to personalized posts with appropriate hashtags

Social Login
Social Login is another great Magento Extension that enables your visitors to interact with you. Visitors will be able to register, login, share and comment across social networks. Social Login will also let you customize your social sharing buttons to be aesthetically appealing relative to your theme.

Moreover, with social login, one can access all avenues of your Magento Store with one-click login. Basically, this means once you log in you can switch to all platforms by clicking on the icon and you won’t need any username or password to do so.

Features of Social Login:

  • Possesses a user-friendly admin user interface
  • No step-up is required for the application
  • Select from a variety of beautiful designs and themes for the buttons or icons
  • Customize buttons and icons according to your site’s theme
  • Automatic user registration

Easy Share
Easy share enables your customers to share your web page. Thus, enabling them to share your website on all social media platforms. Consequently, this Magento Extensions provides your customers with a powerful social media sharing ability generating more traffic back to your Magento store.

In addition, it confers strong flexibility to customers. They can also share from the product details or product listing page.

Features of Easy Share:

  • Allows or disables catalogue page sharing
  • Enables you to share any page in the store
  • You can select custom button images
  • You can also configure the URL to be shared

Social Suit Extension
Social Suite Extension, a great feature rich extension for your eCommerce solutions. With this extension, you can easily manage your store from the back-end. It enables you to log in, send messages, share or log in on social media. Additionally, it comes packed with social media tools and select features below.

Features of Social Suit:

  • Simple to install and manage
  • Enables you to promote products and your CMA page on social media easily
  • You can show a login button in social media

Social Media Bundle
This extension delivers all social media features with one installation. In addition, it places the follow and like buttons on any web page. As a result, this extension integrates your Magento Store with social media platforms.
Moreover, it allows your visitors to register and log in to Magento from their social media profile via one-click.

Features of Social media Bundle:

  • You can easily login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts
  • Automatic post creation for social media users
  • You can place social buttons on selected pages
  • Enables you to convert social media users into followers
  • You can custom design your social media buttons
  • Add and manage comments to products and pages in your store

Social Rebate
Most likely if you have a Magento store, you’d want your customers to forward and discuss it in their social circles. However, this hardly happens, but Social Rebate is a social media extension that enables this. Your customers can share your posts on social media on social media platforms while earning money!

WhatsApp Extension
Nothing can outmatch WhatsApp when it comes to Instant Messaging. A huge chunk of people use WhatsApp and it’s only logical that Magento exploits this avenue with this extension. This extension enables you to share meaningful information on your products as well as links to your site.

The WhatsApp extension is a valuable tool for your eCommerce Solutions in promoting your store and the products via WhatsApp.

Magento platform is without a doubt the preferred platform for your eCommerce Solutions. The significance and benefits provided by the aforementioned extensions are a revolution in online business. Running an online business has never been more effective and easy with these Magento extensions.

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