7 eCommerce Store Conversion Hacks for 2018 Holiday Season


Though holiday season has not arrived, yet with the onset of festive season, online store-owners have started preparing to attract more customers to their stores. Studies show that the quest to capture more leads during holiday season has grown year over year ending up in making the competition harder. Merchants today need products, promotion as well as a strategy to increase their eCommerce conversions.

As shoppers are in a mood to spend and they have a plan too. So getting them to your online storefront and convincing them to spend maximum is a tough fight. Here we share some emerging trends to guide you and help you improve your eCommerce conversion rate.

1. Mobile First Approach

Mobile First is not an unknown concept anymore rather it is a scenario which has been transformed into reality. Ignoring the significance or the power of going Mobile will land you in a distant landscape which is far from real. If you want to remain in the competition, you need to have a mobile friendly site. As the number of smartphones and their users is on a continuous rise, the traffic reported from mobile devices has overtaken the traffic received from other devices. Having a website optimized for mobile devices will deliver your potential customers a better user experience and give you far more returns than the amount invested.
Engaging your mobile consumers with a mobile site will let you optimize your eCommerce conversion and have happy customers.

2. Faster Shipping

Shipping has been a significant factor in completion of purchase process. But with the changing times, the focus of today’s consumers have shifted from shipping costs to shipping time. These days faster shipping has been witnessed as the biggest emerging trend amongst customers. Buying online just two years back would make the customers wait for atleast 5-7 days to receive their order. But today, the more enticing trend is that of faster shipping, receiving goods very next day or within hours to some specific prime locations. So the next thing you need to improve in your store is to provide faster delivery for increased conversions.

3. Reward Your Customers

Rewards and incentives have always been loved by customers. The same implies to your online store too. Rewarding or giving your customers lucrative incentives to purchase more are amongst the best practices that you can execute.
Small rewards like free shipping on purchasing upto a particular amount, giving a gift card on a minimum purchase or issuing an exclusive discount coupon on additional purchase, go a long way. These incentives are aimed to prompt your customer to spend a little more when they are already in high shopping spirits. Rewarding your customers with gift cards increases your sales also incentivize them to spread it through word of mouth and fetch you more potential customers. It will definitely improve your eCommerce conversion rate with generation of more traffic and result in rise in your revenues.

4. Mobile Checkout Optimization

Just like having a mobile friendly or a dedicated mobile site is important, improving the checkout experience is equally important for eCommerce conversion optimization. Optimising mobile checkout means offering them to pay through various modes possible during the checkout process. With a number of new resorts being made available to customers, they are more interested in making payments with portals like Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay or even with cryptocurrency along with using traditional credit cards. So to be at the pace expected by your customers, make efforts to make your mobile checkout optimized.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

With holiday and shopping on mind, shoppers feel stressed finding right gift for their loved ones that too before the promotion ends. Developing a sense of urgency, creating scarcity of certain products, is what that can help you improve your conversion rate. As suggested by psychologists, urgency may cause customers suspending logics and thoughtfulness and act quickly. Creating an urgency in terms of limited-stock or limited time offer can help you a lot in increasing your sales this holiday season.

6. Email Marketing

Offering a personalized experience while shopping is one of the best things you can do to delight your customers during holiday season. Getting your customers engaged with the brands they like and keep them updated with the latest products and offers available will add to your conversion optimization. Using email marketing platforms effectively help you collect a wealth of personalized content. This personalized content empowers you to create promotions as per customer buying habits and email customers with products and their additional information which were viewed but not bought. Gaining insightful information of the email marketing campaigns is the most important advantage of email marketing. Getting to know the insights and making necessary changes required, improves the effectiveness of your campaign and optimize your eCommerce conversion.

7. Keep a Privilege for Last Minute Shoppers or Post-holiday Shoppers

Last moment shoppers or post holiday shoppers come to your store either for redemption for their gift cards, exchanges and even for post holiday offers. Take this as an opportunity and engage these visitors with your promotional offers.


With all the necessary adjustments and improvements required, you need to focus on improving your conversion rate by implementing the trends and tips shared above with you. Having good time in hand to test these improvements, you can try the best combinations that will work for you and put a remarkable impact on getting maximum conversions this holiday season. Prioritize the urgencies like getting a mobile site or building the email marketing strategy or anything that your store is missing on. Then focus on deploying the same along with staying up with the shopping trends online. Don’t forget to keep things as simple as possible and easily available to your visitors. A clear and fast call to action also needs to be duly placed on your product pages.

With all these tips and trends to comply with, we wish these help generate heavy traffic and optimize your conversions this holiday season 2018

For any more help on implementing these tips or improving your conversions, please Contact Us.

This Holiday season stay Optimally Converted!.

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