5 Sure Short Tips To Market Your Mobile App Successfully



Digging deep into your industry you get to know that you just don’t need only a mobile website for your business but something more than that. You have the challenges to attract your targeted audience and get them to use your mobile app. So the major concern is: how to spread the word about your mobile app to your targeted audience once you have created it? Being a professional here I am going to share some useful tips that is surely going to help you out in your way of marketing your mobile apps. Here we go

First we will talk about Admob:

Admob was founded in 2006 at California by Omar Hamoui. Later acquired by Google in 2009 and now it became universe’s biggest mobile app advertisement platform. Admob gives you power to Analyze, Monetize and Promote your App.

Admob features are highlighted as:-

  • Analyze: You can use Google analytics in Admob to understand your audience and acquire to improve your App.


  • Monetize: In-app advertisement feature is used to monetize app.


  • Promote: In-app Purchase and house add help you to reach right users. The house adds is a free tool which is available for Android app and iOS.

In-app purchases –

In-app purchasing is something that enables a smartphone or mobile device with the ability to facilitate the promotion of your products or services within a particular application. This feature has opened many doors to market your apps.

If you own a smartphone then you must have seen many app purchases getting displayed on particular app or games. Here you can purchase the items or products through the app itself. So it also enables you to market your own application through other apps.

Display Advertising –

Display ads play an amazing role to increase awareness, engagement and demand of mobile app. The various Display ad platforms help you to display your apps. Google Display network is one of them.

You can use Display ads to market your mobile App. These are banners, logo, audio or images which will appear on the videos, websites and within other apps. Display ads enable you to select the target audience, websites, demographics, users and niche.

Social Advertising –

Social Advertising is one of my favourite methods for advertising mobile apps. It facilitates you to market your apps to your targeted audience specifically by demographics and interests. So, if you know your targeted audience, you can make your app display in front of those people who are suppose to see or click on your ads. Facebook ads are one of the best ways to do it.


How can we forget SEO when it comes to make your products, services or app popular? As we all know whenever you search a query in search engine it provides you with some results with URLs. Suppose when anybody searches for music apps, you always want your application to be appeared in top 5 results.

To make this happen you just need to do is: Choose 5-6 keywords related to your application that you want to rank for. You can also analyse which keywords your app is currently ranking on. Now you just have to build some quality links accordingly and you are on.

To sum up, I would say: Marketing your apps is not limited only to these tips I have shared. There are various other methods and techniques to promote it. But I tried to share some sure short tips those are really helpful for any app to be promoted.

Hope it helps!

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