12 UX Design Trends 2018 (Part-2)


Continuing the second part of the blog, here are the rest 6 trends for the UX in the year 2018.

Biometrics getting more popular

Biometrics has been evolved as an easy way to access your apps. Rather than using a traditional login requirement, it will be a trend for apps to use any physiological characteristics for the same. Physiological characteristics or behavioural characteristics include fingerprints, facial recognition and voice recognition.

All these characteristics being unique for all the human beings, form more authenticated base for identifying authorised person only. In the near future it will serve as high security metrics for the end user as well as for businesses using this technology in their apps. With Iphone X, Face ID has come up as the most secure and easiest way of authorisation. This year shall witness and observe exploration of a lot of opportunities in this field.

Integrated Assistants collaborate with design

Chatbots, voice activated assistants supported by artificial intelligence will be the hottest trends for designing apps in 2018. We have been quite familiar with GUI and the next big thing will be its integration with messaging apps and chatbots to assist the users.

Google stated in 2016 that on mobiles, voice based searches make roughly up to 20% of the total. Voice activated interactions is the next big opportunity as it eases the user from type and even lowers the friction on user end to understand and operate an app. Hence the apps with integrated assistants activated by voice and collaborated with design will be trend.

Navigation patterns witness change

A website or app navigation is all about making the user aware of the fact that what all he can do and where he can go? With continuous and regular studies and tests, navigation patterns have been changed. Tab Bar navigation along the bottom has evolved as a winner in the user engagement metrics.

Considering a mobile first approach while choosing the navigation pattern for responsive website or app is a must. In other words by selecting a poor navigation pattern or hiding the main menu, you can end up in lowering the discoverability to half. Keep your data figures and your organisation’s objectives in mind and craft the navigation and information architecture accordingly.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With the fast and vast emergence of Augmented Reality, we have started getting familiar to a completely new era of advanced technology. Rising popularity of AR apps enabled Google and Apple to release AR frameworks which would help developers explore the platform and build the apps in an easier and better way.

AR has not only witnessed popularity in games like Pokemon Go. But when integration with messaging apps like Snapchat and image capturing apps like Photogrid and many more AR has created really engaging user experiences. Above all this AR has started been integrated in apps to serve solutions for real world objects. A technology that helps in solving problems and delivering value to the user.

User Location for advanced personalization

As we carry our mobiles all the time with us, the next trend of 2018 is about to tell you about using user location. This means apps installed on the mobiles may utilise the exact location of the user and offer or inform him with the most relevant content.

In simple words, just like Starbucks uses user location to send him/her a notification when his/her location is found close by. When a user has an app installed on the phone, the app traces his location and communicates him of the current offer available on his favourite drink.

Virtual payments

Virtual payments are becoming an increasing trend in today’s world and the economy is going cashless. Changing the daily commerce, virtual payment is opening new opportunities as well as challenges for designers.

With rising popularity of cashless economy, the designers are supposed to offer Apple Pay or Android Pay as default payment options. These options will have to be made available for both online as well as offline purchases.


Completing the second part of the blog, we have presented you a all the upcoming trends that designers should consider in year 2018. For earlier 6 points, do read the first part of this blog. Being a part of technological world, we are honoured to help you make lives better, convenient and connected. For any queries please feel free to contact us. Techies India Inc. is always delighted to help you.

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