10 Common Black Hat SEO Techniques Ruining Your Business


Black Hat SEO Techniques that are killing your Website

Possessing high ranks on the Search Engine Ranking Pages is almost everyone’s intention today. Be it a startup or an established organisation, everyone is in a race to fetch top ranks for their websites. Employing fair or unfair practices to appear in the top search results, unfortunately SEO has an evil face which is called Black Hat SEO and an angel face is called White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is all about getting your website rank top on the charts by hook or by crook.

Going against the guidelines of Google, employing deceptive approach to mislead web crawlers and adding no value to the readers are the basis of these techniques. These may benefit you for a very short period of time but later they can even worsen up your brand name and ruin your image completely.

We bring top Ten such Black Hat Techniques which might lead your website to a disaster:-

  1. Cloaking It is one of the most popular and most deceptive practise in which you provide a URL or content to the web crawlers which is entirely different from the one which is provided to the visitor. Although this Black Hat SEO technique can help absorb a lot of visitors but in the long run, it leads to worsen the user experience and is soon caught by search engine spiders.Search engines hate hidden and deceptive things and if ever your website is detected to be exercising this approach, it will surely penalise or even de-index your website immediately. So better beware.
  2. Guest Blogging The black hatters have used every loop hole to walk their short journey of attracting high web traffic. So is the case with the guest blogging. As a part of White Hat SEO technique guest blogging is about posting a blog on a third party website as a guest post which actually imparts value to the reader and helps building links.

But the same is used by those who ignore the quality for gaining success. As a practise of bad SEO (black Hat SEO), the guest blogs posted are of poor quality and hardly carry any value and are posted on irrelevant or unrelated websites just for the sake of link-building. So rather than getting into trouble, try to focus on quality and value adding blogs.

  1. Key Word Stuffing Key word stuffing is the technique in which, as the name suggests, your site or content is overloaded by unnecessary keywords. It may be like using keywords after every 2-3 lines or using the same keyword as many as 40 times in a content post of 600 words.Neither the readers nor the web spiders like a content stuffed with keywords to rank high on SERPs. So it’s better to use keywords at necessary places and at relevant times to avoid being marked as spam by the search engines.
  2. Duplicate Content The name itself explains the technique. A brief of this bad SEO says that it is about copying content of others and pasting it onto your site or page as yours. This is nothing but abusing or manipulating the content and snatching the credibility of the provider.For an instance, you may take a piece of content, a quotation or any analysis of the survey and do not mention the source then the search engine has the right to stop it and penalize your website with poor ranking ruining your repute.
  3. Paid Links Building links is an effective SEO technique which helps your site rank well on the search engines. As success comes with quality and perseverance, so does high ranks. With quality content, hard work for building links and making valuable efforts to attract traffic to your site, link building is well supported by search engines. But as Black hatters lack patience and always dig into the loop holes, paid links are their way to buy success.With paid links you are actually using unsolicited method of ranking high which may lead you to pay penalties and even huge loss of reputation.
  4. Automated Article Spinning This SEO technique is often used by quick seekers of high ranks. In this technique the user gets a host of tools under ‘article spinning’ by search engines. These tools use a pre-written article and re-phrase it automatically.The result is in the form of a poor piece of content, hardly holding any value for the reader. Once caught, such spinned articles are considered as duplicate content and can get you dinged.
  5. Link Farms It is all about creating a network of sources, which are further linked with a poor quality, no value adding URL of a site. In this technique all the backlinks of such a site are completely irrelevant and are poor on quality.
    once traced, search engines either push back such site ranks, de-index them or in extreme cases, can even ban the domain.
  6. Splogs As a part of building links, the black hatters use Splogs (a word derived from spam blogs). These are the pages or blogs which carry nothing worth reading or in some cases just meaningless content overstuffed with hyperlinks.This not only disturbs the readers but also wastes your SEO efforts on a whole. Avoid splogging to avoid being de-indexed.
  7. Hidden Text As mentioned earlier web crawlers do not like anything which is hidden. But black hat SEO includes this technique in which some text is put on a page matching exactly the colour of the background. By doing so it aims to disguise keywords on a page and making it visible only to the search engines.
  8. Bait and Switch This technique is also called Page Swapping in which a page which is already and popular with the users is swapped with a new page which is not at all related to the previous one and not even matches the search queries.By doing so, black hatters cheat the visitors by getting them landed on a page which holds nothing similar to their query. It is tracked by the search engine spiders and penalised with drop in rankings or even more severely.

Closing Notes

We have given you detailed information on popular black hat techniques which not only hamper your ranks but also ruin your present standing. At Techies India Inc., we help you gain high ranks, enhance your website traffic and increase your sales with ethical and effective techniques of SEO. We follow clean and constructive approach which helps grow your business and establish your brand for a long term.
Do leave us a comment or send us your response if this blog helped you in anyway. Stay tuned for such more informative pieces of content.

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