How to grow your small business in 2019 with these 3 economical ways?


Every business takes a lot of effort to stand where it is in the present day. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, only the founders know what all they have invested to be there.

Every dollar, every hour of developing products, marketing them right and delivering to earn satisfied customers, add up in your efforts to maintain and grow your small business.

Sometimes what you assume is paying you back is not good enough to invest in. So, just when you need to take your business to next level that too without risking your hard earned money, try implementing the following 3 low-cost ways to grow your business:

Sometimes what you assume is paying you back is not good enough to invest in. So, just when you need to take your business to next level that too without risking your hard earned money, try implementing the following 3 low-cost ways to grow your business:

1. Introduce a Blog.

“Content is the King” has been rightly proposed and shouted out by the experts. It is only due to content that users are able to find you. Irrespective of the fact whether you are a B2B firm, a local service provider or even an eCommerce store, the product descriptions, blogs posted in the form of answers to your niche related questions will help landing users to your page.

Just when you have decided to start a blog, consider the following things to leverage content for bringing in increased traffic.

a) Research thoroughly

Just before you create a blog, you need to invest some quality time in going through what is trending in your industry and what is helping your competitors succeed.
Once you are done with the research part, the next thing to focus on is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some popular SEO tools like SEO Powersuite helps you find qualified keywords which users are looking for. By implementing such keywords in your content, you can easily get users to come to your website.

b) Write a blog to educate and provide solutions to your users.

Every organization might have a different perspective on writing blogs. But actually, the purpose of blogging should be educated or spread awareness among your readers.

Your blog should not look like a sales copy by your marketing team, rather it should serve as an answer to a commonly asked question which your clients usually ask you.

Another way of making your blog more meaningful is by sharing tips, tricks on improving efficiency or a detailed guide on completing a process successfully.

It is important for your blog to talk and focus on what your users want to know and in what manner your products and services help them rather than shouting out on what you do.

Capitalizing on the blogs as sincere efforts to educate your users and solve their problems can help you establish authority and become a reliable resort for your users. Hiring a professional agency that looks efficiently after your content marketing can help you stand above your competitors.

c) Incorporate engaging and motivating CTAs.

Incorporate engaging and motivating CTAs

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) is the request you make to your customer to do next. Having boring or irrelevant CTAs can actually ruin the chance of getting business out of a potential customer.

Even if you have written a good length on a topic discussing and sorting user issues, adding a relating and motivating CTA by the end of that post will suggest users where to go next.

For example when you have a blog on “beauty care” or solving some of the complicated problems with a specific service then you can have a CTA mentioning “Buy Now” or “Book a consultation call”.

Always add CTA in the form of a button and link it to the relevant pages on your website.

2. Attend to Customer Feedback and Reviews.

You are in the current position of your business all because of your customers. Hence it is really important to know what they feel about your products or services.

Customer feedbacks are important as they serve a lot of purposes like

A) Help in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your business (products and services).

B) Prove to be a great marketing tool as positive customer feedbacks help in your business promotion and spreading word of mouth.

C) Positive feedbacks and reviews help your business position high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Now the question arises as to how to get maximum feedback and reviews even before they actually land on your website. For this, you can collect reviews from your happy clients and customers via Google and Facebook. This strategy can actually help you get higher ranks with Google.

Or you can utilize a great feature by Google called “Google My Business profile”; with which you can share the link directly with your customers via email or text. You can include a “Thank You” message to your clients for doing business with you and even ask them to leave a review so that more people can find you.

3. Get Great at Email.

There are almost 4 billion email users worldwide. And the rate of return on investment on email marketing is a whopping 3800%. Which means if you invested $1 on emails, you will get an average return of $38.

Around 105 billion emails were sent every single day in 2018 and this number is supposed to rise to as high as 246 billion by 2020.

These figures clearly show the significance of the email. To utilize this great marketing tool, you need to sign up for email service and send an email newsletter.

Your email can be any formal communication to your readers. It can be a welcome email, a monthly/weekly newsletter, communication on the introduction of a new product or line of products, or even a promotional mail offering discounts.

But you need to take permission from the person before including them in your email name list. The best way to have the permission of sending emails is to offer a giveaway to those agreeing.

Some interesting ways of capturing emails are  
a)  Give an interesting service or a free online service calculator to be received on the email address.

b) Create an instructional video on “how to” or what all purposes can be served with your product. And share it with those agreeing to share their email address.

c) Giveaways are also a unique and good way to collect emails.

Closing Notes

Getting a perfect eCommerce store developed that converts is everyone’s dream.

With these easy to use and low-cost ways, you can easily and effectively grow your small business and take it to the new heights.

For any help or queries on Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing or eCommerce store development/migration, please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for more such helping topics.

Till next time Stay optimizing and stay growing.

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