Guidelines for Mobile App UX Design in 2019

Guidelines for Mobile App UX Design in 2019

As the years continue to roll one after the other, the trends also keep updating with the implementation of new design techniques and looking to improve the user interface and user experience.

When you create a mobile application, there is no surety that you would also taste the same fruit of success as Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb etc.

By now, everyone knows the importance of having a mobile app for your business.

But we have some statistics showing the reality behind these mobile apps.

There were almost 4.7 million apps available to mobile users (including Google Play, App Store and Windows Store) in 2018.

The total app downloads worldwide have been rising ever since.

As per a projection, this number is expected to jump to a whopping 352 billion downloads by 2021.

Mobile App Graph

The hard facts as per a study shows that 60% of the mobile apps are not even downloaded ever.

Out of the remaining 40% that have been downloaded, 21% were used just once in the first 6 months of their ownership.

So it is actually a tough time for app developers and business owners to get found and their app being used enthusiastically.

There might be a number of factors due to which your app is not being downloaded.
For a mobile app to perform well, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and context are the top influencers.

About UX

UX of any app embraces the feel, usability, functionality, and features which an app should provide to the user. User Experience design for a mobile app is all aimed to give users positive experiences.

Users have their own context of defining the performance of an app. As per a survey, out of 10 more than 7 people are of the view that the content in the app should be precise and fabulous on all the devices.

Longer load time, complex process, and confusing interface leads to the bad user experience. As per a survey by Statista, approximately 52% of users said that they were less likely to engage with a company which offered a bad mobile experience.

For an app to win your user’s hearts, you need to follow the trend and keep analyzing your app’s UX in every 6 months.

As far as the upcoming trends of Mobile App development for 2019 are concerned, here they are

  1. The interplay of Voice and Visual interfaces
  2. Hero Images on Landing Pages
  3. Seamless interface
  4. Custom illustrations
  5. Storytelling with Character Design
  6. Using the Dynamic Colors Intelligently
  7. Full-Screen Background Images
  8. Simpler Navigation

1. The interplay of Voice and Visual interfaces

Interplay of Voice and Visual interfaces

2019 will be a big year marking the rising trend of Voice User Interface (VUI). Voice interface or Voice-assisted interface is what Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) will be witnessing.

Though visual and voice interfaces have been rarely merged until now, in 2019 most of the apps would observe seamless integration of these both.

Irrespective of the fact whether your app has a mic button or not on the visual interface, any of your user’s voice commands would be accepted and interpreted.

Similar to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant voice-assisted interfaces for your mobile app would mean dealing with natural language processing.

VUIs have allowed us to dial contacts, receive calls, send text messages, read emails, and even help you surf and find the best options available related to your query.

Voice interfaces are catching the hype and designers are expected to bring new and innovative products and application in 2019 and beyond.

2. Hero Images on Launch Screen

Hero Images

Hero image is an oversized banner image placed at the top of a webpage. Being found on the top, it is also known as “Hero Header” and serves to catch user’s first glimpse.

Hero image is the key image. A nicely designed hero image attracts, describes and narrates the composition of your app.

Carrying the message of what your app is all about, hero image should be given due importance.

It can be a high-resolution image/graphic including the USP (unique selling proposition) and a CTA (call-to-action) button.

Using a classic image would convey your users that your app has the essence of elegance and substance.

On the other hand, having a colorful and vibrant hero image is expected to portray your app as related to entertainment or kids and comedy.
Now, the trend in 2019 is to add videos and animation as hero images instead of regular static images.

Just in case you too are planning to add large banner images and videos on your page, you need to know a few facts. Huge images and videos can actually affect your page load speed and increase it from 0.4 to 0.9 seconds. As per research done by Google, this increase in load time can reduce your traffic by 20%.

It is highly recommended to optimize your images and video sizes. Additionally, you can get them hosted on a fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) so that your page load time is not affected at all.

3. Seamless interface

seamless interface

Image Source:

Though UX is all about delivering an engaging and picture-perfect experience to the user, yet seamless interface ranks at the top.

Seamless experience means that the screens load completely that too without any transition. It also includes providing the user all the content that he needs to know on the home screen.

Concealing the seam of any application integration is the most important thing. The seamless interface can be achieved only by developing a back-end program interpreted as a single user interface.

The so-called single user interface actually confines a number of programs written by different programmers from different locations and at different times.

The amazing thing is that seamless interface allows the user to use many programs hidden in the background that too without him knowing it all.

For an unmatched UX of your mobile app design, incorporate a seamless interface for keeping the user engaged and allowing him to use n number of programs altogether.

4. Custom illustrations

Custom Illustations

As a part of mobile app design guidelines, custom or digital illustrations are forming the trend for 2019.

Design has no boundaries. It has a treasure of shapes, styles, techniques, and trends of course.
And when we talk about mobile app UX design trends, it custom illustrations can help you create a perfect mixture of flamboyant visuals and impressive content.

Custom illustrations can be in the form of Logos, Mascots, Icons or anything that attracts and gives a unique identity to your app.

The purpose of a nicely crafted digital illustration is to command the attention of your targeted audience far better than a stock image.

Digital illustrations are more customized and personalized to your brand and hence you can project them in whatever manner you feel like.

It is one of the newest and trending mobile app UI/UX process. The success of digital illustrations lies in the way that they help in expressing things better.

This year would be observing the innovative combination of concept and creativity in mobile app design.

5. Storytelling with Character Design

storytelling with character design

Image Source:

Storytelling has always been loved by consumers. Be it marketing, advertisement or mobile app UX, storytelling has always fascinated the users.

So now it is high time to leverage this fascination and deliver them a stunning user experience.

This trend has transformed the company’s approach from text-centric to self-explanatory illustrations and character creation.

Now companies are focusing more on building a connection with the user rather than loading them with tons of content about what they do, how they do and related stuff.

These characters create a bridge between the providers and users and let them have a visual relationship. As these characters are created for human-like interaction, they build sturdier bonds and eventually conveys the company perception to the visitor.

With the introduction of characters, your regular app can be transformed into a dynamic one and can deliver exceptional UX.

6. Using the Dynamic Colors Intelligently

using the dynamic colors intelligently

Image Source:

Using the right colors, right mixture and contrasts on your mobile application design play a vital role in its success.

Colors have a decisive role to play irrespective of the fact whether they are in an artist’s palette or on a designer’s tool kit.

Implementing the profound knowledge of Color Theory, the right usage of the color wheel, and the color psychology designers need to exhibit their creativity to catch visitor’s attention.

As colors, hues, tones, and contrasts have the power to invoke the right emotions in the users and hence should be carefully handled by UI designers.

And similarly, a wrong mixture can completely ruin all your efforts involved in your mobile app UX design.

Experimenting for different colors, blends, and combinations and implementing that delivers the best user experience would definitely drive traffic to your app.

7. Full-Screen Background Images

Full Screen Background Images

Image Source:

Adding full-screen background images to your app is the latest trend for mobile app UX.

The purpose behind is that they are not only visually appealing but also they focus on the positive emotions of the users once they use your app.

With the eruption of positive emotions, users tend to spend more time on your app and even engage with it for longer.

Rendering  a sense of realism to some and uniqueness and freshness to others, full-screen background images are getting quite popular.

So for your mobile app to be exceptionally good in user experience, including beautiful, relevant and refreshing full-screen background images.

8. Simpler Navigation

Simpler Navigation

Image Source:

Navigation in the context of a mobile app means how can a user roam around and use your app. Specifically, navigation includes all the icons or menus which motivate the user to click and land on the page he/she is interested in.

It has always been insisted that your app navigation should be simple and user-friendly.

Having simple navigation means that the user should be able to reach out the desired page of his own or your app must have necessary instructions to direct him to the intended page.

Whereas user-friendliness includes everything from a good design, simpler navigation and lesser steps to reach out to the destination.

With the rise in the trend of accessing the internet via mobile devices, there has been an increased preference for using one thumb navigation.

This has further enhanced the value of bottom sheets (bottom navigation) as compared to the Swipe Up gestures. Leading it to be more appropriate estate for placing important buttons and for sub-flows facilitating vertical as well as a horizontal scroll.

Whereas Swipe Up gestures have been preferred for going back, opening app drawers and closing an app.

So, for your mobile app to have clear and user-friendly navigation in 2019, prefer using the top area for content and the bottom real estate for important buttons.

Closing Notes

With the total number of apps already running in millions and still increasing, it is really tough to book a favorite app slot on users’ devices. For making your app successful, you need to focus on UX best practices for both of the top platforms namely Android and iOS.

Yet another important key to an eminent app is continuous updation. As the technology and trends of user preferences keep changing, you should make it a routine to get your app updated after every six months. Just like established apps like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon keeps updating their apps for giving their users an indulging and amazing user experience, so you too need to keep adding trending and updated elements.

The fact that good intent and good design can never be out of trend, beholds truth and so should be preceded with.

If you have an eCommerce app or want to have a new one, here are the top UX trends for 2019 for your business.
For any queries or help on UX design trends for 2019 or your own mobile app development, please feel free to contact us.

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