How to Influence User Behaviour on your Magento Store in 2018


Influence User Behaviour on your Magento Store

E-Commerce, in today’s era, is an important tool for any kind of business throughout the world. Magento offers you a world of opportunities by establishing a virtual property as rich in features as you want. This rapidly emerging platform is used not only to sell products online but also to engage people and create a long-lasting consumer base.

As the eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, so is the cut-throat competition between various eCommerce stores. With a new niche being catered to, eCommerce industry is witnessing a new site every single day and so is the need for simplifying user experience also increasing.

Most eCommerce sites employ a number of techniques to influence user behavior. Drawing on research towards the working of the mind and how decisions are made, Magento Store owners can influence their customers. Influencing user’s behavior involves aspects like making them pay attention, subscribe to a new service, entice them to buy a product, and spend money.

Some eCommerce sites drive engagement via gaming elements while others use poetic techniques for easy remembering. All in all, here are five ways to influence user behavior on your Magento store

1. Introduce the scarcity effect to your eCommerce Store

Consumers always have the notion that they have sole access to something exclusive. They also put a high value on things that are in limited quantities, this is called scarcity effect. E-Commerce sites often indicate certain items to be of limited quantities, or introduce flash sales where items are sold in limited periods. Without a doubt, consumers are likely to take action when they discover an item is in limited availability. Thus, you can use this feature on your eCommerce store to influence user behavior.

For instance, you can include design elements like timers when customers are making a purchasing decision. Another great way would be to emphasize to customers that they’ll miss out on great deals if they don’t subscribe to your Magento store.

2. Exploit social influence

Human beings are inherently social. That said, people often feel the need to use products used by their family or friends. They’ll also socialize with each other when things tend to make sense as observed in social media platforms. Adding design elements to your eCommerce stores that facilitate social experiences can boost your product, make it stand out and increase consumer use.

Here are some handy tips for exploiting social influence:

  • Provide direct access to product information sharing from individual pages
  • Have a newsfeed where real-time updates and one-on-one interaction (chat zone) can take place
  • Send invites to users’ and their list of friends for the use of your product.
  • Create competition to facilitate greater product use among users

Your consumers will most likely scramble for the opportunity to purchase your products.

3. Apply Tactical Persuasion

It is always recommended that you apply this technique to your eCommerce store in an integrated manner. Persuasion is simply a dynamic composition of context, stimulation, and behavior. It cannot work in isolation; you can apply scarcity as a persuasion technique. Additionally, you can establish social proof to validate your product or establish a high price for a product and term it great value for money.

However, there is a better way to persuade, by strategically lining up the decision process of your customers in their purchasing journey. Only then you will determine if they’ll be regulars or loyalists. To effectively apply persuasion tactically, focus on the three fundamental aspects of consumer behavior: emotion, ability, and motivation.

Strategically segment these aspects in a data-driven manner first, then apply the persuasion tactically. Doing it the other way around will make you seem desperate and infuriate and alienate your users.

4. Categorization

There are two situations. One, in which you are supposed to find your required product from a box with thousand other products, second, in which you have different boxes separated for every category of products. It is obvious that finding the product in the second situation is time-saving. The client wants to save his time.

Above is the image of Walmart e-store explaining the point. The categories are divided into very small modules and you’ll reach to your required product in considerably less time. Magento’s customizability and flexibility makes it easier for you to build an e-commerce store just as mentioned.

5. Consider people’s consideration

One of the errors Magento store owners make is that they lack an understanding of behavior causation and as a result pay heavily by merely guessing or miscalculating their resources. Aside from the unique aspect of intuition, it is best to analyze the consumer from a broader perspective. Find the jobs they do, their economic value and then comprehend the urges that compel them to do things.

For consumers, these urges and motivations are deep and cannot be stated or explained. To better influence user behavior on your Magento store, try to make sense of these and discover what they are trying to achieve and offer them a way to help them achieve that thing. In essence, offering progress opportunities to consumers.

6. Always have the ‘Third’ Option

Seemingly underhanded, but it is quite effective in influencing user behavior on your Magento Store. It is a great strategy when applied cautiously and effectively. It has been known to work on various products; however, it is most effective in consumer-able products. Your customers always make purchasing decisions based on a comparison of products, i.e., one option looks better than the other.

The third option, also known as the ‘decoy’ option, would enable a customer to contemplate more and settle on making a purchase in the end that is favorable to them. This ‘decoy’ simply serves to direct the customer towards making a logical decision despite being completely subjective.


On an ending note, it is recommended that keep analyzing your user base on your Magento store. Because, in this global market, user behavior varies widely, and knowing the exact behavior of your customer will help you influence them more.

Magento store owners can incorporate the aforementioned attributes to their sites and boost sales by influencing user behavior. All in all, set your own boundaries, ethics, and limits. Also, keep in mind, users deserve to be treated well, and most importantly, the consumer should feel optimistic while making a purchase, only then they’ll act as your sales boosters. So Happy selling!

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