9 SEO Trends to Drive Traffic & Sales in 2019

SEO trends for 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends 2019 have been extending several reasons for consideration. To stay atop the SERPs, you need to keep your SEO strategies updated with the latest trends.

Your digital marketing landscape has included some exciting and compelling elements. Some passionate introductions like User Intent, Voice search, RankBrain, mobile-first approach, speed-related efforts are already taking over the trends.

So, before these factors become overwhelming, it is time to give them due attention and take the charge.

To empower you with the latest trends and help you workout a plan of action for the same, here are the SEO trends for 2019.

1. User Intent Optimization

User Intent Optimization

Unlike earlier, popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and others have been focussing on something beyond typical ranking factors. While assessing sites and putting them in order of ranks, just keywords, titles, tags and meta tags are not the only factors considered by them.

In the present day marketing world, Search Engine Optimization is all about focussing on specific keywords that searchers type in the search engine. The idea behind is to offer the web searchers with the results which are most appropriate to their queries.

Google is known to have been making consistent efforts to deliver its promise of relevant and apt results. Keyword stuffing is no more a beneficial practise to optimize your online presence.
Rather integrating the right keywords naturally into your content helps search engines gain trust and authority.

For example, you are into products or services. You would like your interested buyer to see the most relevant results on your site as per their requirement. Same is the case with Search engines.

When someone types in his query with a particular phrase, search engine analyses his intent and brings him the most accurate results that might help him make a decision.

Optimizing User intent is one of the key factors and the future of search for 2019 and beyond. Often referred to as “Search Intent optimization” , User intent optimization is acting as a platform for groundbreaking factors like Voice search. Offering a rather easier and effective way to perform a search intent, voice search is the fastest solution grabbing attention.

Incorporate a plan which helps you to optimize your content in a similar fashion. The best way to do so would be to put yourself into the shoes of your searcher. Ask yourself questions like: What are you looking for? What phrases would be helpful in convincing your decision? What values would you find most apposite for your website?

2. Focus on Increasing Number of Keywords Your Website Rank for

Keyword stuffing, which once used to be the best practice to rank on the top of SERPs, is a penalising one today.

Keywords are still the foundation based on which web crawlers find your site and rank you accordingly.

But what has changed in then and now, is again the User Intent. Now search engines not only consider as to how many times a keyword appears in your content but also check the relevancy of the same to the web searcher.

Introduction of RankBrain as Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithm was a smart move. It has a significant role to understand the trends, relevance and even make real-time (or near) changes to the search results.

In simple words, RankBrain assesses the search results for a particular keyword, continuously observes user interaction with a specific result and changes the ranks accordingly in real-time.

A complete metrics of Bounce rate, time spent on the site and even the conversion rate of that site is used by RankBrain to assess websites. From 2019 and onwards, Google is expected to empower RankBrain with rapid pace and authority to make changes on the fly.

With that said, this means it is going to make the competition tougher and the fight to stay on top tighter.

As conversion rate is one of the factors on the checklist, eCommerce websites will have to keep their prices competitive, free shipping and even deliver the ultimate user experience.

3. Mobile First Indexing

Mobile first indexing

People are using more of their smartphones to access the internet and find information. Observing the increasing trend of mobile usage, Google has started using the mobile versions of your page to rank and index your site. 2019 is said to be the year of Google mobile-first index approach.

On the same lines, Google recommends and suggests that everyone should create websites which are responsive and exhibit quality across all devices. With Google’s Mobile First indexing approach, please do not mistake it with Mobile only indexing.

Google crawlers are there for both mobile and desktop versions, and due significance is laid on delivering consistent performance across all platforms, including both mobile and desktop.

Google positions your website on a higher rank when it observes your mobile-friendly website is working at its best over your non-mobile-friendly competitor sites.

Google suggests not to use m-dot and responsive for the same pages, which leads to confusing the web crawlers. Rather moving from a mobile version of your website to a responsively designed website is a highly suggested decision.

If you have been thinking about this for a long time, the time is just right now. With a responsive design, you need to ensure optimized mobile page speed and load time.

To render an excellent mobile experience for your users, you need to optimize the images and the dynamic content on the page correctly. Keep track of the loading speed of your mobile pages with Test My Site. And to check if your web page is mobile friendly or not, you can use Mobile-Friendly Test.

4. Website Speed

Website Speed

The fact is almost universal that Google aims to deliver most appropriate results to its users that too at a fast speed. To empower itself, Google considers Mobile page speed as a ranking factor for mobile as page loading time has been for desktop sites from quite a while.

Now the matter that would be of concern to you is which metrics is significant to Google to monitor page speed evaluation.

Recently Google has included Optimization and Speed as the metrics to assess your site. As compared to the technical parameters which used to evaluate earlier through Page Speed Insights.

So all you need to do for your website to rank high is to attain optimization score. This can be simply done by preventing all the factors that lead to slack in its speed.

So all you need to stay up in SERPs is by maintaining the optimization score and speed score. A list of PageSpeed Insight Rules and a guide on improving Optimization Score has been well provided by Google.

5. Featured Snippet

Featured snippet

We all know that “Rome was not built in a day”. Hence it takes a number of small yet very effective initiatives to achieve an optimized online presence.

The end result or the reason behind optimizing your site is to be reached by targeted audience and ranked well by the search engine. Hence, 2019 calls for an extra initiative. In addition to optimizing your website, you must also optimize for the Google search experience.

“Answer boxes, recipes, the knowledge graph, carousels, and who-knows-what-else will take an even bigger bite out of organic traffic,” said Ian Lurie, CEO and founder of Portent. Adding to a significantly important piece of advice, he tells “That makes SEO even more important, because exposure is as much about visibility in the SERPs as it is about clicks.”

We all have come across these little SEO bombs quite a many times while searching for anything on any search engine.

These are the tidbits of numbered or bulleted information that appears on the top of the search results to a query. It is quite desirable as it redirects the customers directly to your website.

Featured snippets gives you a vast opportunity to answer a web searcher’s query and to appear on “position zero”. Got to know why it was just referred to as SEO bombs? Yeah, by just adding featured snippets to your SEO capabilities, BOOM and there you are at the top of all the results.

More than ever before 2019 is a big year for this option which will get you most of your clicks and pageviews. You will notice a significant spike in your organic traffic hence reach and conversions.

6. Test your Keywords with Google Ads

Test your Keywords with Google Ads

This is an old practice. We discussed it in 2015 in this blog post 5 Reasons to Include Google Ads in your IM Strategy but it has become even more relevant in 2019, especially when you are going to redesign your website.

You start with optimizing a few sets of keywords, and when you rank for them, you realize that some of these are not optimal for your business in terms of bringing you relevant sales or leads. As SEO is not an overnight process; you need to optimize and wait. So it’s always good to test the waters before you dive deep.

In 2019, SEO is going to be more resource demanding in terms of producing content and doing outreach to get more links.

Google ads allow you to test the market and keywords. This is a useful practice, but very few people follow it. Following this practice not only saves your time but also money .

Infact, you waste more time if you are not following this practice. As, if the keyword is not good enough to bring you the business, you will have to wait another 3-4 months to rank for another keyword. So it’s better to spend your time and money on things which are prior tested.

7. SEO Tools

Almost every other business is marking its presence online these days. Thereby hiking the level of competition. But to survive in this competition you can use a number of SEO tools.

SEO tools are like power packages which resolve numerous queries and anxieties of your online business.

Right from covering Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Tracking, Content Research, On Page & Tech SEO to Web Monitoring, SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs are life savers.

Using them in your routine might take you a step ahead of your competitors.

Check your competitors ranking keywords, discover new organic competitors, observe the change in positions of domains and much more.

The future of SEO 2019 would be witnessing constant pressure from competitors as well as users.

Assuming your current efforts are enough to help you survive is unfortunately a bad idea.

These SEO tools are not only good at providing your business a safe survival kit but also help you in growing your search traffic and even monitor your own niche.

Including these tools would prove to be one of your best SEO strategies for 2019, if you are not on board yet.

8. Create Quality Content

“Content is King”. This phrase will remain true and rather soon become a universal fact!! (Kidding)

Content has been the foundation stone of all the SEO efforts. Widening its realm, content has engulfed so much which we don’t even realize sometimes.

Create Quality Content
Image by Hubspot

Already being quite popular among the marketers, Content will continue to hold its position on SEO trends list for 2019 and beyond.

Google and the other search engines have always insisted and awarded quality and engaging content. The one that either educates, informs or empowers the readers on their search queries.

Posting high-quality content sends out signals that your business cares about them, establishes a rapport and positive brand image.

As far as SEO is concerned, if content is King, keywords are said to Queen. Hence focus on targeting most relevant and ranking keywords (preferably long-tail keywords). Including semantic keywords, would add an advantage in getting it ranked above your competitor’s.

On the other hand, if your business does not have any content strategy or is content-dry, then it is really going to be tough to meet your SEO goals.

Posting blogs, writing guest posts, creating infographics (and a lot of other forms of content shown in the table) will definitely help you beat your content competition in 2019.

SEO tips:

Create long form content which has an average word count of 2500 words. Being the top SEO trend in 2019 as readers today love to engulf the maximum information to be available in one place. Another advantage of long form content is that it has greater possibility of earning quality backlinks and hence improving its ranking


Also include internal linking as an important part of your content strategy. This will be a great help to your readers and even Google to explore more of your previous content.

This will improve the stay time (or per page sessions)  on your pages thereby pushing a huge trigger in Google’s SEO algorithm.

9. Work on your brand with EAT

Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness (E-A-T) is one of Google’s search quality rating guidelines.

Playing a key role in establishing your brand, EAT will be a key SEO trend in 2019 and onwards.

It is all about getting to understand that quality and context are interrelated. Putting it simply means getting ranked for authoritative content will not be easy anymore unless you already have authority on a specified subject.

“Although the E-A-T guidelines are written for Google’s algorithm raters, rather than Google’s algorithm itself, it helps us to understand where Google is heading in the short term,” said Dixon Jones, founder of DHJ Ventures.

Emphasising on the content distribution and promotion from a reputed standpoint, Grant Simmons, VP of search marketing at Homes.com, explains the implication of this SEO guidelines.

“Hire experts to author, leverage data from known entities, and ensure credentials and credit is given to both, with appropriate affinity to the promoted brand,” Simmons said. “How can you get more of your employees to blog, write, and speak? How can you (the brand’s people) be the go-to source for journalists around your core topic expertise? Because that level of expertise is what Google is looking for to power their results.”

“A major goal of our ranking team is to build an algorithm that would rank documents in the same order as humans would as they are following the guidelines,” said Frédéric Dubut, Microsoft’s senior program manager, Search & AI. “You can only do so at the scale of the web by generalizing your ranking algorithm as much as possible. It turns out that modern machine learning is very good at generalizing, so you can expect our core ranking algorithm to get closer to that ideal Intelligent Search product view that we hold internally and which we try to capture in our own guidelines.”
E-A-T guidelines have got its variants in place with search engines like Binge even.

So it’s high time to create authoritative content, establish your brand and deliver enough value that you make people talk about you. Google is tracking how many people are talking about your brand on social media and other platforms and outlets.

Closing Notes

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing and regularly updating process.

You cannot stick to the guidelines of a particular year and do not work on it ever after.

On the contrary, SEO is a constant process which needs you to test, trail and resume which works best with your target audience and niche.

With the above listed top SEO trends for 2019, we have tried to share 9 points which will definitely help you survive the competition, grow your business and get more conversions.

Just before signing off, we would love to hear as to which trend did you find most beneficial for your business.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Until next time, stay optimized and keep trending!!

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