7 Measures & Tools to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Magento 2

Measures & Tools to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Magento 2

People are well aware of the way E-commerce websites are flourishing drastically over the years.

The speed is certainly constant as new websites keep coming up, offering clients with detailed services and products.

On comparing the store revenue of the customers these numbers are even higher.But in case you own such a website, you must be looking for how to boost your e-store sales and  Cart abandonment solutions.

As the average rate of cart abandonment globally is 67.57 percent.

Aveage Cart Abandonment Rate

And according to Forrester research cart abandonments can cost brands a whopping $18 billion a year in their revenue.

When customers add items in their cart, it raises a ray of hope. However, when they don’t act on it, it can be quite disappointing.

Hence this calls for an urgent need for taking steps to eliminate cart abandonment.

However, a study by Eye Studios say that cart abandonment rate is highest at time between 8-9 pm and on weekends.

It is again disappointing to say that 65% of cart abandonment leads to 97.9% of the gap in conversions.

With all this said, let us head towards finding the reasons what leads to cart abandonment.

What is Shopping cart abandonment?

Cart abandonment means when the client selects a few products, adds them to the cart but leaves without making a purchase.

There can be several factors involved and most business owners are constantly searching for ways on how to convert cart abandonment.

Major reasons for cart abandonment:

Major reasons for cart abandonment

Online store owners are constantly searching for different strategies and ways to reduce cart abandonment and enhance their sales conversion rates.

Here we have some of the important reasons that you need to identify and accordingly make effective ways for abandoned cart recapture:

Hidden Charges

One of the real turn-offs for customers certainly remains the shipping charges followed by Taxes and other fees which they need to pay.

A study by Baymard shows that 55% of the customers bounce back or drop their carts due to extra hidden costs involved.

Some customers are completely fine with the cost of a product and are willing to buy but as soon as they see high shipping costs, they have a feeling that the products aren’t worth it.

This makes any shopping experience unappealing and results in cart abandonment.

User interface:

User Interface

The first impression that a client has when they visit your website is the user interface and this is what ensures whether the client will be returning next time.

Also in case, the eCommerce store’s overall design is complex and hard for navigation, the probability and rate of cart abandonment goes up.

Users might not even visit your store ever again! The user interface should be simple to use but attractive at the same time.

Window shopping:

Now, this is again, a very common reason, a lot of people just like browsing through the websites.

They simply add things in the cart that they are not even interested in purchasing by the end of their session on your eStore.

This number is unbelievably as high as around 40% percent. Although they are not interested in buying, yet they pose one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

Efficient cart follow up is not present:

Efficient cart follow up is not present

This is especially in the case of high-value asset purchasing.

When the client adds to the cart, they require some assistance for further processing and help at every step.

If the client is being asked to make an account before they can continue with the purchase, a huge number of people are going to leave the cart as it is.

As they find it really difficult to have no assistance or guidance in completing their purchase decision. While on the other hand forced account creation can actually make them leave your store without completing the purchase process.

Price hikes that are sudden:

These price hikes are because of the additional costs involved like shipping and handling, taxes that are added at the end.

The end price is completely different from what the customer was hoping for. This is one of the common reasons for cart abandonment and also reduces sales significantly.

7 Steps or measures to reduce cart abandonment:

While abandoned cart can get annoying it is important that if you are looking for solutions you must get as much information on Magento 2 abandoned cart settings as you can. Here we have 7 important steps that you can take for significantly lowering the abandoned cart procedures:

Tracking Abandoned Cart:

Tracking cart abandonment

When the customer adds products to the cart and leaves it without shopping, it does get difficult to track such customers.

But when you use abandoned cart Magento 2 free extension with email reminder module, the admin will be able to see the list of all customers that abandoned the cart.

Then sending a follow-up email becomes easier asking them to complete checkout. This also allows making response reports that can be checked weekly or monthly basis as per the requirements.

Website security and speed:

Website security and speed

There are cases when a customer visits the website and it takes a long time for the pages to load. This leads to a customer leaving immediately and reduce the sales conversion.

Sometimes you can witness this at the time of payment, when the page freezes suddenly and the customer gets the message that their transaction had failed due to timeout. At this point, the user might suspect a fraud.

If your store is not SSL certified, then the chances of cart abandonment or lack of trust in your store rises. Not only this but a study concluded that customers would not complete a purchase in case well known security logos are not displayed on your site.

To make people trust your eCommerce store you should get a valid SSL certificate installed and show reputed trust badges on your site.

Next important challenge is lazy loading website.

As per a study conducted by Baymard, slow loading websites results in increased cart abandonment rate by 75%, which is huge. It is important that this situation doesn’t occur and the security and website speed is maintained at optimum levels for hassle-free shopping.

Pro Tip: As everyone has smartphones these days, having a  mobile-friendly website has become integral for your business. This will make sure that more customers can shop online from your store on the go!

Offering free shipping or low-cost shipping charges:

Free shipping
Image source: Asos.com

The biggest enemy of every online shopping store owner is high shipping.

You can always offer low shipping charges to prevent customers from quitting their shopping spree at the last step.

You can also implement shipping as free as that is further going to increase the conversion rate drastically.

This remains one of the most vital strategies that can help for avoiding Cart Abandonment in Magento2. Although we know that shipping cost is an important constituent of the total cost to you, yet you can try out strategies to revive your abandoned carts and even drive more traffic.

Strategies like Free Shipping for a few days or hours in a month or providing free shipping on placing a certain amount of order or so can help.

Make customers believe that a certain product is scarce:

Make customers believe that a certain product is scarce

This is one of the most effective strategies for instant purchases. When you let the customer know that their product is on sale but is just about to be out of stock, instant buying rate increases quickly.

This also creates a sense of fear and urgency in people’s mind and it is likely that the customer clicks on buy now quickly without giving much of the second thoughts.

Easy returns and good customer support:

Easy returns and good customer support

Being the store owner, you ought to keep in mind that providing good customer support and after-sales support is important.

The main reason is that popularity increases when a happy customer spreads the experience with word of mouth or by writing reviews online.

Also, when the client gets fast support they know that they are being provided a convenience. And they get a confidence it will definitely solve any queries that they might have even after sales.

Attract clients with offers and Discounts:

Attract clients with offers and Discounts

People love having discounts on the products that they had been thinking of purchasing for a while.

This also leads to faster purchases when the offer is unexpected or exclusive to them.

Various kinds of season sales like festive sales, or season sales etc. attract the customer with low prices.

Added Features:

Added Features

With all of the above, some added features can drastically reduce the cart abandonment and increase your sales.

This can include special blogs for the site as it is useful in updating the clients with relevant information on the products that you sell.

You can also allow reviews for the products which makes sure that other client also gets interested in buying it.

Reviews provide a huge benefit as long as the products that you offer are of good quality and the buyer is happy so that a positive review can be published.

5 tools that can be effective in reducing Cart Abandonment:

Here is the list of top 5 tools that can help your business to reduce the cart abandonment:


This is the best Magento 2 abandoned cart extension tool. It aids in recovering the shopping cart with ease. It comes with an integrated solution as email reminders that can work with any website with ease.

One of the major benefits is that it is easy to use and comes with a variety of useful features. The tool allows you to inject the products in the cart directly in the emails.

Furthermore, it also has a visual email builder that is set automatically. This makes sure that you don’t have to go back again to make changes.

Cart Reports:

The cart report extension offers real-time metrics and visuals about the client shopping cart. It is a fact that without accurate data and quality analytics, following up the visitors on your site gets difficult.

This is where Cart Report comes to your rescue. You receive real-time metrics with this tool regarding the client’s shopping cart. It provides two kinds of views:

1. A cart table view:

This allows you to observe the data in specific individual cart. This offers information on abandonment, the last visit of the customer on the site and the product that was added to the cart.

This will help with direct email and reminders with free shipping codes as well. It also allows the store owner to keep a track of the abandoned cart that has been converted.

2. Reports:

This tool also provides visual reports in the form of charts and graphs. For viewing data at granular levels and observing how some products are impacted by different factors such as a period.

This information will allow you to understand if the sales and promotions are effective or not.


In case you had been thinking how does Mailchimp abandoned cart work, we have all the details right here.

It is one of the most effective ways of following up the site visitors with email. This enhances email marketing to your online store.

When you install the plugin and connect it with the MailChimp account, the consumer data automatically gets synced with the email listings. 
In case, the customer enlisted in the abandoned cart queue has purchased before the follow-up email is sent to them, the tool automatically removes the specific customer from the queue.

The entire checklist is displayed in the cart mail settings. Here you can review the list and in case you want to make any changes in the automation, you can do that too.

Now customers that leave the products in the cart start receiving emails automatically


This is also a tool that works as a Magento 2 abandoned cart report software. It personalizes remarketing emails for effective reduction in cart abandonment.

And within a few hours of users signing up, they integrate the online store on the platform.

Rejoiner also allows the identification of the customer with email campaigns and connecting them for faster conversion.

This assists in targeting the audience and having an understanding of the buying behavior. When the email campaign is personalized, it will be recovering the revenue that has been lost.


This software will be able to answer your question on why customers are leaving the site.

It helps with an educated guess on what the client actually wants, thus enabling business owners to take actions accordingly.With the detailed feedback that you get from the site survey, you can initiate the site optimization.

Rather than wondering what to test next, the visitor feedback will work as a guide for optimizing conversion rates. There are two kinds of surveys in this software:

1. Exit Surveys:

In case a visitor is leaving and not coming back at all, you won’t have the answer to why.

The surveys provided by Qualaroo triggers an on-page survey. The software technology does understand the time when a visitor will be leaving and can provide you answers. This will immensely help in recapturing the potential customers and you can provide them with special offers and additional customer support.

2. Mobile Web Surveys:

One needs to understand that the requirements of desktop users and mobile users are very different. This survey will help in discovering the needs and the hindrance that is faced by the smartphone shoppers from completing the purchase.


It is crucial to note that it’s vital for you to understand your customer’s requirements and this includes what they are searching for, and the issues they face.

Then accordingly you need to provide them with the best solutions, while maintaining high quality products/services simultaneously. It’s a valuable strategy for assuring higher sales and making sure that you win customer loyalty.

Once they make a purchase with you, they should like visiting again and again. Know more about how to increase your mobile conversion rate or some more surefire ways to increase your Magento store sales.

For Magento 2 development or Migration to Magento2 or for any queries please feel free to contact us

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