6 Proven & Future Ready Tips to drive installs for your Mobile App

6 Proven & Future Ready Tips to drive installs for your Mobile App

Mobile Apps are projected to hit a whopping figure of $188.9 billion of revenue by 2020 (Source Statista). Comparing to the figures for the year 2016 which grossed up to $88 billion, mobile apps would witness a crazy 113 percent increase in just 4 years.

It is beyond doubt that Mobile app Development is flourishing exponentially, but at the same time, it is getting difficult to be found. With a massive number of over 2 million apps available on Google Play and App Store, the number is increasing every day.

Mobile apps have become a necessity for every online business today. Getting an app developed is not a child’s play, so you need to devote substantial time and consider some facts before you move ahead.

The only motive for developing an app is to be found and used by people. Whether you are a startup,  small business, a leading brand or an app developer, we all know that just developing an app does not serve the purpose.

To help you get closer to your goals, here are 6 of the best app marketing strategies.

  1. App Store Optimization.
  2. Leverage Your Mobile Website
  3. Run Facebook Ads
  4. Create a Youtube Video
  5. Feature The App in Your Emails
  6. Explore Influencer Marketing

1. App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization Tips

App Store Optimization for your mobile app is exactly the same as Search Engine Optimization is to your website. Just like you need to optimize your site with relevant keywords, content and appropriate keyword density, similarly, your mobile app needs to be o

Forming the core for Google Play and App Store, App Store Optimization (ASO) helps your app to become visible to the right audience.

Focussing on using appropriate app Title, incorporating pertinent keywords, search relevance and keyword density in the description for your app, ASO is a great app marketing strategy.

Using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tools ( selected for mobile), you can get a fair idea of the various popular and most searched keywords along with the magnitude.

ASO (App Store Optimization) can be a game-changing strategy if you fill it up with relevant details and pick the required categories carefully.

Social links play a significant role in the success of optimizing your app via ASO. it is highly recommended to promote your mobile app on Google+, Twitter and other social channels to build its authority.

2. Leverage Your Mobile Website.

Having a fully functional and mobile-friendly website adds high leverage to the marketing of your mobile app.

For anyone who is interested in your Company would first reach out to you through your website. With the higher inclination of users towards smartphones, having a mobile-friendly site would render you with better rapport and more business.

As an insight derived from The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report, dynamics of mobile media consumption were explored. The Report, as analyzed by ComScore revealed that mobile websites get more visitors than mobile apps, but visitors spend more time on apps.

From your site, when your customers or visitors get to know that you have a dedicated app, they would surely like to use it. We all know how important is Mobile App development for brands and why are they so popular amongst users.

Utilizing the value served by mobile apps, place a pop-up page on every page of your site. This would be just like a gentle reminder informing visitors of your app with an option to download or continue with your site.

3. Run Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Create facebook ad campaign

The top 3 mobile apps millennials can’t live without are Amazon, Gmail, and Facebook. (Business Insider). Facebook, being the most influential channel of social media, bags the top slot for marketing of your mobile app.

For driving installs, Facebook ads are one of the most influential tools that you can employ in your App Store Optimization marketing strategy for 2019.

Facebook provides you with a platform that allows to test a variety of ad types, copy and the formats before your scale up your campaign.

It is recommended to set to mobile newsfeed and

  • Combine page promoted posts and sponsored stories
  • Use Page like ads
  • Use  Optimized Cost Per Mille (oCPM) for conversions and install
  • Posts a mix of high-resolution images and URL posts.

Running ads on Facebook allows marketers to find the most creative and accomplishing mix that grabs users’ attention and drives installs for your app.

Another advantage that it bestows on marketers is that it allows them to target and retarget the audiences on the basis of device-level, OS-based, demographics, interest, and many more.

Joining Facebook Groups and communities too can help you a lot in promoting your mobile app by telling the members as to how they can be benefited with it.

4. Create a Youtube Video.

Create youtube videos for App installs

Videos are ruling Social Media. Globally, YouTube is consumers’ leading source of video content, at 83%. This stats clearly depicts the significance of YouTube as the most popular channel for watching videos.

Videos being convenient and effective helps the viewers to understand the concept and relate to it for longer as compared to text.

You can include YouTube in your mobile app marketing strategy and utilize its benefits. All you need to do is to hire a professional Social Media Marketing Agency and get a video created with an excellent voiceover. Try to share your app’s unique features and how the users will be benefiting from it.

An important tip while making your video more effective is to make it available via translation in multiple languages (popular in the targeted area).

Another trick that can help to boost your app installs is to add subtitles in the local languages of your geographic target.

5. Feature The App in Your Emails.

Being new to your business, your mobile app needs a formal introduction. Your email list is a huge opportunity to market your app.

Emails still enjoy a privileged position but on a condition of being used at the right time and circumstances.

Leveraging your long list of subscribers, you can conveniently table your app with a link to download it in your email signatures.

Another easy yet effective way of driving installs is by including a one-liner about your app in the footer. This is a silent yet efficient form of marketing where your existing customers are being informed and pitched to download your app.

Actually you can embed a link to your mobile app in every communication to your existing and new customers.

Include a downloadable link and little detail of what all can be accomplished by the users by installing your mobile app. Incorporate this in your app marketing strategy and make it a part of every formal communication from your tech support team, your monthly/weekly newsletter, service mail or even a payment confirmation mail.

6. Explore Influencer Marketing.

A study by LaunchMetrics on Influencer Marketing 2018 revealed that 84% of the brands expect to resort to influencer marketing. 69% of these said that influencing marketing was an effective strategy and got them results.

As per Twitter, around 40% of the users have made a purchase following a recommendation of an influencer.

A study conducted by Social Media Today reported that 61% of users rely on social media as a source of information to back their purchase decision.

Marketers say that they have witnessed 11 times increase in their ROI through influencer marketing than any other form of advertising.

Approaching the influencers for your mobile app allows you to share it with a pre-engaged audience who is quite receptive to it.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Instagram has been reported by 59% of micro-influencers Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey 2016 to be one of the most effective channels for engaging an audience.

For pairing with influencers, you can either ask them to use your app and share their reviews with their followers or they can simply promote your app. Consult the influencers and let them tell you what would be in the best interest to drive installs.

Explore the various channels for influencer marketing and make it a part of your app store optimization strategy for 2019.

Source: How Micro-Influencers Really Want to Work With Brands

Closing Notes

With the above listed App Store optimization tips and tricks, we wanted to equip you with the most convenient yet most effective measures that you can take to drive installs for your mobile app.

These six ways are some of the most popular and trending modes of boosting your mobile app installs, driving traffic and increasing your ROI.
For any more information, please feel free to contact us. We would love to help you with anything right from developing a mobile app till optimizing it, marketing it and driving installs.

Until next time, stay optimized.

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