10 Common Mistakes that are Killing your eCommerce Store Sales

10 Common Mistakes that are Killing your eCommerce Store Sales

Is low Conversion rate on your eCommerce Store haunting you? This is true for every online business owner whose ROI is far lower than his average expectations.

The amount of time and money invested in the making of an online store is quite huge and hence cannot be rebuilt that often.

So all you have to do is to make an effort to identify the cause as only then it can be corrected.

Reasons could be many, like logical, technical or just small overlooked factors which make your visitors uncomfortable. Hence they feel reluctant to get converted into your customers.

Here we bring you some of the reasons which might be working significantly to make your conversion rate suffer.

1. Poor Image & Video Quality

Poor Image & Video Quality

Images of your products and even videos describing a product’s function really appeal to the visitors.

They are easy to understand and give the feel of dimensional aspects. But all these benefits might turn into the loss of trust when the quality of images or videos embed is poor.

Grainy videos with indistinct sound quality and fuzzy images which when zoomed gets blurred hardly do any good to sell your products.

So always make it a point to put high definition images and videos on your eCommerce store. Another significant thing is to post the images that actually represent your product.

Misrepresentation again might lead to loss of trust and sometimes negative remarks for your store.

2. Typographical errors & Poor Grammar

The content on your eStore speaks a lot about your beliefs and ethics. Many a time, small typos and grammatical errors are overlooked. Sometimes for the sake of getting your website live in time or to avoid any charges to be paid to professional proofreaders.

This sounds like being penny wise and pound foolish and it actually is. While cutting small costs you might actually be diverted to spot where overlooked typos are leading misunderstanding or developing disinterest at visitors’ end.

Some misspelled and misused words can badly damage your reputation.

It is always better to hire a professional who saves you from marketing and reputational damages.

3. Bad Color Scheme

Bad Color Scheme

Having an impressive Color Scheme is an important constituent of an amazing store.

On the other hand, a bad color scheme can be the reason behind the high bounce rate experienced by your site.

Though your visitors might not be able to trace the exact reason what threw them off yet poor color combination may displease them. Be it the overall color scheme, or the company’s primary colors used or the color of the call-to-action button or other icons, any weird blend can be the reason.

An easy way out is to test which colors please your audience. Once you find the perfect fusion, your CSS site makes it easy to implement the change.

4. Unpersuasive Description

Persuasion in the description copy is a necessary ingredient to boost your eCommerce store sales.

And if you are still resorting on manufacturer description and expect it to persuade your customers, then you are badly mistaken.

As manufacturer’s descriptions are more like a sales copy and could hardly inform, educate or empower your customer with conviction as you can.

Ignoring the power of well composed, intriguing and appropriate description for your products might obviously cost you low conversion.

Try writing descriptions and even test its variations to increase sales.

5. Unresponsiveness

Unresponsive Website

Having a responsive site today is as important as it is to have a site.

If you have an online presence but your site does not look the same across different devices and browsers then you are losing a major chunk of your potential conversion.

Having a responsive site gives your store same look whether the device used is a Mac or any PC, via Microsoft Edge or Safari or Chrome.

Mobile devices are grabbing the major wedge of the market used to access the internet. Hence the mobile version of your store should look and function same irrespective of the device (i.e. Android or iOS).

6. Unclear CTA

Unclear CTA

Call-To-Action (CTA) refers to your purpose or intention by which you want your visitor to perform a particular task.

For example, if you have an eCommerce store then your CTA can be Buy Now or Order Now, and if you are into News, Blogs on tech or fashion or life then your CTA should be Subscribe Now.

Having a clear, concise and a button for CTA is really important to serve the motive of your site or page.

Your visitors might like your product or your blog, but they need to motivated as to what to do next. A CTA button does it all.

But in case you have overlooked to add a convincing and prominently visible call-to-action, then you would certainly be experiencing higher bounce rate.

7. Burden of Shipping Charges on consumers

Burden of Shipping Charges on consumers

Shipping charges are unbelievably the worst affecting factor for your conversion rate. Studies have shown that 61% of shoppers abandon their carts just because of high costs which include shipping costs.

It is one of the reasons that many of the online store owners deliver without shipping charges.  

If you are charging shipping costs from your customers, then try to forgo them so that customers feel a little lesser burden of total cost.

And in case you are already not charging it from your customers, then implicitly communicate it to them by putting it on each of your product pages.

8. Complex Checkout

Complex Checkout

Having a simple and easy checkout page has always been advocated by industry experts. This is so because checkout being the last step of your conversion process would definitely get slacked if it is complex.

On the other hand, if your checkout is just as simple as a single click, it would really boost up the spirits and motivate your customers. Hence a motivated customer will always be eager to checkout and wait to receive his order soon.

For more measures to make your checkout page effective, you can some amazing tips in “7 Surefire ways to optimize your Checkout Page and Improve your Conversion Rate”.

9. Fail to send Abandonment Emails

Abandonment Emails

Abandonment emails are the emails sent to potential customers to remind them of their abandoned carts.

They might have abandoned carts due to some technical error, demotivation due to product price or maybe some others. But when you send them first mail within one hour of abandoning their carts, they may feel cared about and get persuaded to buy.

The second email sent within 24 hours would warn the customers of their cart being expired soon. The third email sent within 48 hours would rather be an incentive to complete their checkout.

But in case you are not sending any such abandoned emails then you are cutting loose a potential portion of conversions. So initiate and include sending such emails to your marketing strategy to value and remind your customers of their awaiting carts.

10. Do not have Live Chat

Having a live chat is an advantage as people connect with people better and easier.

Sometimes when any customer gets stuck on some important perspectives while in the middle of buying a product, live chat can serve as a lifeline.

Studies show that adding live chat functionality have helped to boost conversion rates of many eCommerce stores.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the most commonly committed or most commonly overlooked reasons which increase your bounce rate.

Now, when you have identified some of the revenue killing common mistakes, you can easily get them rectified.

Adding a few new things to your regime can actually help improve your conversion rates. For more ways to enhance your sales growth, you can visit our infographic “ How to retain your eCommerce Customers in 11 simple ways?

For any other optimization information, please feel free to contact us.

And for more such informative blogs, latest updates and more subscribe us today.

Until next time keep improving your estore and stay optimized.

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