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The PHP development world has seen a new direction with the advent of various development frameworks which have grown in popularity in recent times. Zend framework is one such popular framework, in extensive use by developers. It is an open source framework for object oriented application development that uses the popular PHP5 coding language. At Techies India Inc., we offer best-in-class Zend development, administration and design services, all of which ensures complete client satisfaction.

Zend framework is a versatile, powerful and feature-rich framework for application development, with considerable number of strong features such as-

  1. Optimum use of industry standard PHP5 coding practices
  2. Implementation of the intuitive Model View Controller architecture system, which keeps processes separate and enables code to be efficiently reused to serve multiple purposes.
  3. Compatibility with all major database frameworks like MySQL and Oracle
  4. Reduced dependencies and improved internal diagnostic with Zend v2.2
  5. Enhanced consistency in configuration of services such as  database connection, filters, forms and cache objects with Zend v2.2

Why Techies India Inc. for Zend?

Zend Consulting

Techies India Inc. offer premium consulting services for those businesses that want their own customized web applications using the power and feature set of the Zend framework. Our Zend certified expert team interacts directly with the clients in the project lifecycle to stay in line with their expectations from start to finish.

Code audit and training services

Apart from writing Zend-based applications from scratch, our certified  Zend developers also provide code audit services which ensures that applications run at their most efficient and effective state, with zero redundancy. We also offer basic and specialized Zend framework training for those companies who want to maintain an in-house team to further develop their Zend websites.

Zend Development at Techies India Inc.

We at Techies India Inc. have a proven track record in Zend application development and related services, having delivered top quality work for client across different domains. Our services include –

  1. Developing customized applications based on the Zend framework
  2. Zend Portal development.
  3. Zend API development.
  4. Consulting service for Zend architecture and design
  5. Remote deployment and administration services