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YII is pronounced as “yee”, and stands for “Yes It Is!”. Unlike other component based PHP frameworks, YII scores way ahead in terms of RPC performance and adopts the ‘lazy-loading’ technique that increases its efficiency manifold. Other than this critical advantage of YII over other similar Frameworks, YII is written using OOP protocols and offers extensive reusability for developing web 2.0 applications.

Why use YII?

  1. Its fast: Using the ‘lazy-loading’ technique, YII calls classes and objects only when needed and hence helps faster loading. It has a neat integration with AJAX and uses powerful layered caching support.
  2. Its secure: Using OOP standards increases the reliability of YII. Its other security essentials such as input filtering, SQL injection and cross-site scripting prevention means a stronger framework for your PHP applications to work on
  3. Its developer-friendly: Using the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm, YII offers clean separation of business rules, logic and presentation.

Using YII with TII

With its commitment to providing its clients the best and latest in technology solutions, Techies India Inc. has come to adopt YII in a big way since its launch in 2008. TII ensures maximum utilization of the primary benefits of YII – MVC usage, widgets and Web services extensibility, caching and theming functions, I18N/L10N compliance and BSD licensing.

TII offers skilled teams for your web application development needs using YII based PHP applications in a short time. TII’ s expertise on the open-source platform helps it choose YII to be a good match for quick prototyping needs and business-critical, secure and performance –optimized web application solutions requirements.

So be it speed, security, rich functionality or remarkable engineering – whatever be the reason for you to work on YII, Techies India Inc. will work with you to make it happen.