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WordPress is the premier open-source CMS tool used for blogging and publishing content on the Web today. The tool is based on PHP and MySQL and comes with pre-designed and customizable templates. The primary benefits of WordPress are ability to customize domain name, its ease of use through its interactive dashboard/templates library and free download and usage.

At Techies India Inc. we help build and integrate business-specific WordPress design, development and integration solutions. With focus on promoting your brand in the online space, TII makes use of the numerous customizations available through WordPress to ensure that your WordPress site hits the bull’s eye in terms of innovative and interactive blogs and sites.

TII offer the below WordPress services –
Plug-in development
Customization of themes and templates
Blog customization
WordPress installation and hosting/maintenance

WordPress plug-in development
The extension of WordPress from just a blogging platform to a robust CMS implies a growing need for customizing the basic usability by adding plug-ins. This is where TII’s specific expertise in this domain comes in handy for you. Right from creating the plug-in file and usage of action hooks, PHP configuration to testing, down to getting the correct usability both at front-end and at back-end, TII team’s expert hands helps transition your ideas to working concepts.

Our expertise also spans extending the functionality of existing plug-ins to ensure that it does exactly what you need it to do. You can also go ahead and avail of our pre-built WordPress templates that can be suitably personalized as per your needs. TII also renders SEO-compliance solutions for your WordPress site to ensure accurate indexing and positive ranking by search engines.

WordPress theme development

This area focuses on designing website templates for content management systems. Each theme comprises of numerous image/stylesheets/.css files/.php code files. These work together as a theme to provide the design and functionality of a WordPress site. Some benefits of WordPress themes range from instant modification of site’s look and feel, its separation of the presentation designs and template files, fewer dependencies on programming in CSS, HTML and PHP such that the customization are more user friendly.

TII makes rational use of coding standards on HTML/PHP and CSS to ensure that the site is well-structured and error-free. Along with capabilities in building a user-friendly and relevant theme for your WordPress site, it also engages with clients to understand your current business needs and suggest appropriate extensions and modification to your current WordPress themes. TII’s theme development process passes through rigorous testing to ensure there are no errors in either the user interface or in back-end. Such adherence to best practices by TII means that you have an extremely effective WordPress site to take you business/branding in the right direction.