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Techies India Inc. has a perceptive web design experience that takes a holistic view of factors such as, nature of your business, your requirement from a web presence and your target audience, before designing your website. The result is a keen attention to details, from as little as color themes and fonts being used, to as major as overall format and layout of the site. This ensures continuous and positive client engagement and aligns our objectives of providing deeply personalized web design solutions that fits hand-in-glove with your business.

TII understands that your website is your 24X7 business generation medium and our web design solutions respect this fact. TII provides new-age design solutions that help in the marketing of your ideas/products/services, and thus, propel the same over the online space. We have expertise in advanced cutting-edge web design technologies that assist in transforming your site to a viable business proposition. Some of the web design technologies we engage in are:


These are W3C compliant web standards which means that your website can be viewed practically over all web browsers thus, enhancing the reach of your site. We make use of latest versions of CSS and HTML to give you interactive and functional sites.

Cross browser testing

We enable cross-browser and cross mobile testing across various platforms to ensure wider reach for your website. We work with you to see to it that your end-customers view the site exactly the way you have envisioned, through rigorous testing across browser platforms.

jQuery sliders

The latest technology is quickly overtaking Flash in terms of visually appealing and interactive web design. With skills in embedding images, content, UI into sliders, TII’s team of designers gives you a rich and unique web browsing experience through its interactive sliders.

When designing elements over the web for your website requirement, our delivery team continuously engages with you to ensure that the final site does precisely what you want it to do – be it selling your products, sharing your ideas/visions or simply enhancing knowledge/information base for your customers.