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Web Design


Techies India Inc. has a perceptive web design experience that takes a holistic view of factors such as, nature of your business, your requirement from a web presence and your target audience, before designing your website.

Web Development


Web development experience is a domain that’s best left to the experts who can delve into their years of experience to provide customers with sites that do what they are meant to do.


Internet Marketing

We, at Techies India Inc. come across as a reliable and professional Internet marketing company to enable smart tools and webvertising for delivery of strong Internet marketing strategies to attract relevant target audience and search engine bots.

Our Services

Since 2006, Techies India Inc. has been in the forefront when it comes to embracing the latest technologies in web apps development. TII has evolved as a partner of choice for getting your web applications developed and deployed successfully. This makes TII a valuable proposition in your business model, owing to its skill and expertise in the below technologies:


Magento is the biggest ecommerce development platform with downloads crossing the 4 million mark in 2012. Magento is the preferred service of choice when it comes to growing your online business, with backing from 100,000+ merchants across the globe including major players such as Lenovo, Pentel and T-Mobile. Its robust infrastructure for your online ecommerce business operations means that Magento not only facilitates a sturdy online retail platform but also easy coordination with other vital components of the ecommerce domain such as payment gateways, inventory management systems and integration with leading websites, such as Google and eBay, thus providing you with holistic ecommerce solutions on the Web.


As the foremost in open-source scripting language, PHP has swiftly become the de-facto programming language around the world. TII maintains an exclusive resource team with core competency in PHP to enable designing and developing your ideas to scalable and robust solutions on the Web, with focus on industry benchmarks and top-notch quality work.

Zend Framework

Using the hugely successful MVC architecture model, Zend Framework has quickly progressed to become the preferred framework for developing PHP applications on Web. Keeping a pulse on this emerging technology, TII has built a dedicated team of Zend-certified resources that deliver remarkable web application solutions using PHP on Zend Framework, and help meet demanding business-critical needs.


WordPress is one of the premier content management systems over the open source platform supported by PHP/MySQL. With its unique plug-in model and countless customizations, WordPress is the first choice of primary blog publishing application. Using a talent pool specifically for WordPress framework-based web development utilized by TII, you can be assured of skilled and quality-driven WordPress development/integration services.


LAMP architecture offers freedom for restrictive licensing practices, ready and free availability and most importantly access to source code to allow developers to fix codes/customize according to business needs. TII expends its efforts precisely in these factors to help build open-source solutions that are not only dynamic but also interactive. Depending on client-specific requirement TII is able to provide tailor-made LAMP-based solutions.

Yii Framework

YII that was started in 2008 to fix challenges faced by PRADO is a much efficient, extremely fast and reusable component-based PHP framework. Using the latest full library/attributes of MVC, caching, I18N/L10N standards, widgets and Web service, TII ensures that your web applications fully utilizes this powerful framework through its industry expertise.


Jscript is the scripting language backed by Microsoft with full implementation and enhancements to extend the capabilities of Internet Explorer. TII has the desired expertise to help get your web solutions up on a windows based platform by taking advantage of its main USP – complete plug-in support to any Windows application such as Internet Explorer, Windows Script Host and ASP.


Twilio is the latest cloud-based software that offers integrated APIs to build robust and customizable communication applications such as conference calling, IVR and call center solutions. TII stands steadfast in quickly adapting itself to new technologies that build efficiencies into your business and our Twilio expertise is a testimonial to this fact. With Twilio hosted cloud infrastructure and API’s, TII’s expert team enables you to build tough contact center solutions that can be comfortably integrated with your existing systems.

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