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Some Common iOS Development Mistakes You Should Avoid


Irrespective of their individual features or functionalities, every app is here to make life easy for users. From ordering your favorite delicacies to booking hotel reservations, users can now perform a gamut of operations on the go. This calls for keeping in mind some key mistakes to avoid so that you can elevate the user experience and ease of use of the mobile app – key enablers needed to accelerate your business growth objectives. Here is our compilation –

iOS Development

  • Ignoring the Importance of Beta Testing

It is great to Develop an attractive iOS application. But it is also imperative to make it functional. Seeking assistance from Beta Testers will prove to be the smartest move in this context.

Beta testers are not just general iPhone users. Rather they belong to the segment of audience capable of assessing your app’s functionality, and offering useful feedbacks for its improvement. Avoiding beta testing will be one of the grave errors in your iOS app development life cycle.

  • Ignoring Development Errors

It is not a crime to commit errors. However, it would be nothing short of blasphemy to deal with them in an erroneous and silly manner. Whenever there is an error, you must have a positive approach towards dealing with it.

Confusing your users will only lead to your app’s failure and nothing more.

  • Using social media for forceful login

In a time when user experience seems to be of paramount importance, social media plug-ins on your app will prove to be of little use. Do not thrust your app on users and force them to use it. Try to keep social media login as a subtle option along with standard registration through emails.

Final thoughts

Steer clear of stuffing your apps with too much functionality. Keeping it simple and avoiding these errors will ensure sustained success for your app post release on the iOS App Store.

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